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Saturday, July 1, 2017

with salt, please?

Good morning, beautiful. You are beautiful because you are uniquely made in the precise image of God. If you remember nothing else from this morning’s restoration meditation, remember this...”hello, beautiful.”
I am a fan of confirmation. Each week, as part of my preparation to write a column for a community of women in prayer, I spend quiet moments with God to hear what He lays on my heart to share...and I thought I had it right. 
However, this image https://www.instagram.com/p/BV4t6Db... seasoning with salt resonated and was confirmation-not only is my OneWord for 2017 Salt (you might have noticed), but I’ve been writing about the Beatitudes, which I believe are lessons in balance. My intended message will keep for another day.
That is the purpose salt serves. In so many ways, our words, our lives, should be seasoned with salt. Salt gives flavor (perspective?), preserves, removes stains, soothes, eliminates odor. Can you imagine the power of language salted in that way?
Salt must be used in moderation (soberly?). Too much causes damage-it is an irritant. Seasoned speech expresses tolerance, Grace, and kindness.
In closing, something to meditate upon, in our continual pursuit of holy restoration. This thought...salt and fruit (forbearance is a fruit of the spirit). Sweet and salt. Balance.
Are you good at making allowances for people? ... Our lives should say, “I make allowances for people,” for this is the language of love. Forbearance is a divine quality. Romans 2:4 talks of the kindness, tolerance, and patience of God. His followers should do no less.

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