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Sunday, January 1, 2017

I am undertaking mastery of my lane…and announcing my OneWord for 2017…..

I am no Levite, although my desire is to live a life set aside for holiness. Almost any action can be sacred when done with a heart of service and worship unto God. I do not say these words lightly. 

Once upon a time I read something that remains with me to this day.

Surrender can be the sweetest thing.
Practice surrender and let the Universe do its work.

What should immediately have followed was a clear warning; failure to surrender, failure to yield to God’s Omnipotence may be fatal. You may likely wish for death to release you from such willful and wanton disobedience, but even death will not come if it is not His Will. That should be the warning, but no such caveat ever came my way. 
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At 52, I hereby resign as strong black women and super-heroine. Trying nearly killed me. REALLY. Thank God I learned, but damn. You don't have to confess; I already know. 2016 tried hard to make me her b~tch. She came at me with things I never would have imagined. She nearly won. Nearly. 

But God.

On the last day before the last day of the year, discernment found me. I cried more this year than in years recently remembered. Some of those tears were prompted by joy, but far more have been bitter and hard, fueled by heartbreak, disappointment, hurt, and pure unbridled frustration. I mastered the ugly cry, and now I know why. I needed every single one.

Have you ever watched a child, determined to accomplish something, try to the point of exhaustion? That was 2016 for me. I've been fighting Gravity all while claiming I know better. Physician, heal thy damn self.

This year I get out of God's way. You win, Father. You have always been Bigger, always been Stronger, and I haven't the energy or the will to supplant Your Place in my life any longer. I SURRENDER. I have always been and forever will be BROKEN, and my BROKENNESS is an essential component of my beauty. I lived in the CRUCIBLE thinking it was preparing me, but I got it wrong. After fire came water, and the sweet fragrance of PETRICHOR after the rain. I claimed I'd TRUST You, and I fully intended to, but it took a year of living like Job to convince me that You Alone are Sovereign. You don’t need my help. At all. I get it. NO MÁS. You alone are God. 

I cried so many salty tears that now I know their value. They served me. They served Your Will for my life. I ain't mad. That’s a lie, and I never lie to You for long, Lord. (What’s the point?) I am mad, but it's the mad that can only exist in deeply loving relationships...I ain't so mad that I'm going to quit You. Truth is, I'd quit You if I could; I just don't know how.

2016 tried hard to make me her b~tch, and she almost succeeded. HOWEVAH....cue Miss Ross, 2017, I OWN YOU.

So, me and Miss Ross, we are COMING OUT. There is a new sheriff in town, and I promise, Y'ALL AIN'T READY. This is the trust fall nobody, including me, anticipated. This time, finally, I reveal myself. I was never hidden, but rather being stripped (flayed?) in order to distill whom He created me to be.  I pray.  I laugh (frequently).  I love Jesus, but I cuss, sometimes while praying. (SPOILER ALERT-He knows you know all the bad words).

I am the beautiful HOT MESS that God made, and I bow in humble adoration. I submit. I surrender, like Dorothy. I'm done. I am undertaking mastery of my lane....and once again, y'all ain't ready. But I am. By God's Grace, I survived 2016, and I. AM. READY.

I am undertaking mastery of my lane…and announcing my OneWord for 2017…..

Mentioned more than 40 times in the Bible (depending upon the translation).
Seasoning, a preservative, a curative.
Must be accompanied (try eating it alone).
Melts ice.
Responsible for the balance of acids and bases within the body.
In common language, can mean brackish, earthy, spicy, piquant, biting, tough, aggressive, upset. And that is only the beginning...

Leviticus admonishes us to make all of our offerings unto the Lord “with salt.” Commentary on Leviticus 2:13 describes salt as…
the opposite to leaven, for it preserved from putrefaction and corruption, and signified the purity and persevering fidelity that were necessary in the worship of God. Everything was seasoned with it, to signify the purity and perfection that should be extended through every part of the Divine service, and through the hearts and lives of God's worshippers. It was called the salt of the covenant of God, because as salt is incorruptible, so was the covenant…

I am undertaking mastery of my lane. I cried the tears, I stored their bounty. I have earned the right. Welcome to the year of SALT. Y’all ain’t ready…

OneWord 2015

OneWord 2015

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