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Sunday, December 18, 2016

GIMA again...

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a blog/rant called GIMA. At the time I said....

"Rants are cathartic, and I believe they can be good for the soul IF:
a)they are directed at things, NOT at people,
b) you are able to let what frustrates you come up, come out, and then let it go, and
c) they’re occasional. Curmudgeons may enjoy a certain charm, but nobody wants to be around one all the time."

As I articulated then, the title came from Bobby McFerrin’s classic album Medicine Music, which was essentially the soundtrack for our wedding (Sweet in the Morning, Common Threads, the 23rd Psalm). I said it then and I'm saying it now....you should listen to it. In fact, you should listen to the entire album. It always makes me smile, and after my curmudgeon fit, I probably need to...

 At the time, I blamed the rant on my age. 
Looking back, Imma politely hafta disagree with myself. 
It's not my age. I am embracing it as a season.
...and I am only getting started. 

Anger, righteous indignation, disdain can be healthy, illuminating, and most importantly, NECESSARY. You cannot fully appreciate sunlight without clouds. Sorry makes joy sweeter, and life is not always rosy. We do ourselves and God a disservice when we don't make space for, create margin, for discomfort. To be unhappy. To feel uneasy....to see wrong, feel pain, and rest in it.

So...and I'll be talking about this in greater detail soon, so hold on....welcome to the curmudgeon years. It's a season, and I have not idea how long it will last. Maybe it won't end, and I'm even willing to make my peace with that.

I am NOT saying I'll never be happy again. I am NOT saying that I no longer believe that joy comes, NOPE. However, the body of Christ doesn't not as a whole seem to do well with unease. It makes us uncomfortable. We ignore it. We look aside. We move away quickly, often in embarrassment....and why? Does that behavior in others illuminate something in ourselves we'd rather not admit?

Hmmmm....let THAT sink in for a moment.

Friends, family, it's about to be like a cloudburst-here and then gone, leaving clean skies, puddles, and even a rainbow in its wake. It is going to be stormy, though, and I'm challenging anyone reading to embrace your storms. Do you think God put them in you to be ignored? What might He be teaching us in the hard seasons? And.....when things are really hard, DO YOU WANT TO BE IGNORED? What might it be like if someone came alongside you, and confessed....."I'm as messed up right now as I've ever been. I'm scared. I'm hurting, I feel like it might never get better." Might you be sufficiently emboldened to confess you're in the same damn place?

Welcome to the safe place...it's about to get holy real up in here....

For a little more on what I'm talking about....Click Here 

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