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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Honoring God with our Bodies: Meditations on Restoration-Accountability

According to author Luke Gilkerson writing online at Covenant Eyes, “Behavioral accountability is choosing to be honest with another person or group of people about our obvious habits or tendencies.”

There is nothing like seeing your weight broadcast live on national TV to make you accountable...trust me, I know. There was no way I was going to fail; my ego simply would not let that happen. Thinking back, I wonder about spiritual accountability...are we as careful about the covenants we make with and before God?

In the last month, the women of The Consilium have embarked upon a life commitment to honor God with the temples He granted us, and I asked them to begin by apologizing for what they might not have done well AND committing to what they could change.

Let’s all be accountable....do you honor your commitments? I asked that we commit to ONE CHANGE in creating new, healthier, long-term habits. I wonder...how’s that going? No condemnation...we all fail daily, but let’s talk accountability. Do we manage our spiritual lives the way we are careful about other areas?

Today, let us pray for transparency in all areas of our lives, particularly in being women of God for whom accountability is no problem. If you are led, share just one thing you’ve committed to since we began this journey. Ask for prayer, or seek a partner to keep you on track. I had 2 compatriots (friends to this day), a nutritionist, a personal trainer and everybody with a TV or an Internet connection. It’s almost the anniversary of my first appearance on live TV....all of those accountability tools are long gone, and yet, to the Glory of God, the habits remain. This is my prayer for you. Let us be THOSE women.

Lord, thank You for limitless forgiveness, for limitless Grace, for Your Presence in our lives and that You never give up on us or let us go. Let us apply the tenacity and focus we apply to the preservation of our egos to our spiritual lives, and demonstrate that commitment in the faithful stewardship we demonstrate in our earthly bodies, Your sacred temples. In Jesus’ Name we pray,

Selah and Amen

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