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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 1 of #TheEnternship, or life is a series of tiny miracles...

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“Life is a series of tiny little miracles. Notice them.” It’s that beauty of the aerial view again…the appreciation that you cannot, nor are you supposed to understand or appreciate how everything you’ve been up against throughout your entire life prepares you for the next moment. Welcome to week 1 of The Enternship

Monday, Day 1 of The Enternship was a lovefest, including coaching with author Cara Alwill Leyba, author of Girl Code and creator of www.thechampagnediet.com. I’m a fan and I’ll be staying close to her as she inspires me in ways she cannot know. Buy her book. Read it, and then give your copy away, and buy another. You’ll be better, The recipient will be better. Karma. Grace.

Wednesday, we got to work. Well, there was Tuesday when 2 of our 8 were interviewed live on Fox5News along with WKC principals and innovators Gwen Wunderlich-Smith and Dara Kaplan. This program is changing the game in so many ways. It’s innovative and places WKC on a bigger stage; they have mastered doing well and doing good and people want the lightening they’ve captured in the bottle. I don’t blame them.

Work on Wednesday was mystifying. In addition to observing women conducting business in a positive, collaborative environment, mentors provided an industry landscape, highlighted their space and the verticals they wanted us to understand, and then go after. I hadn’t a clue how to get started, but I remembered to breathe and trust the Universe (AKA The God That Always Knows). By mid-day our team shared ideas, pitched concepts to Gwen and Dara, and then planned an online meeting to move things ahead. 

When you have nothing to lose, you are fearless. Trust me I know because I’ve been there. It may also be the time in your life when you risk everything, because remaining where you are is intolerable, meaning moving anywhere else (in your life, your career, your Faith, your relationship) has to be an improvement. I just had something I’ve articulated (if mostly only internally) confirmed by The Universe in the words of someone I just met.

When you are aligned with your purpose and truly doing what you love, it feels like a privilege to get to do it every single day.
~Cara Atwill Leyba, Girl Code

That’s where I’m headed. That is my desire, my earnest prayer. 

Gotta go....I have homework.


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