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Sunday, June 12, 2016

It's official. I'm a #BossBabe

When a “risk-taking, results driven, full-service public relations company based in the heart of New York City led by innovative thinkers, passionate about their clients…” seizes a brilliant opportunity to mine untapped talent, people take notice. They launched THE ENTERNSHIP, a program “created for women who are tired of millennials stampeding over them at work, for women who jumped the corporate ship, for vibrant retirees or for moms looking to break back into the workforce.” I have no idea how many applications they received, but I did submit my own. With only 8 positions available, they offered one to me, inviting me to become a #BossBabe.

Their recruitment website declared “They call us dreamers but we’re the ones that don’t sleep.” Just then, everything I’d experienced over the last ten years finally came together. At 52, I am a woman newly re-imagined with a dream, ready to give the world such as I’ve been given. Because we have little time and none to waste does NOT mean our dreams cannot be realized. We must try. We are called to try. I’m ready to take a sledgehammer to the status quo and get started.

Resigned to give up on the career I’d built that seemed DOA anyway, I discovered the thing people talk and write about that I’d never experienced; a passion that never feels like work. When a friend forwarded the WKC Re-Entry to the Workforce Internship Program announcement, it was time to bet on myself. Our life lessons await our readiness. Everything you need to learn is right in front of you. However, until you accept the challenge, listen without resistance or complaint, receive and then apply all you uncover, the proximity of your lessons have no value. It is only time when its time.

In 16 weeks, I lost 40 lbs. on national television during the holidays.  That’s great, but here is what I know. No opportunity we receive is ever solely ours. The ways in which we take possession of and steward them shapes who we are, how others relate to us, and how and whether they see God and good as they glance in our direction. My personal transformation has very little to do with me or my size. It is a call to action; a call to share and encourage others with the things I’ve learned.

Embracing the opportunity to learn the business of Public Relations, I’m about to leverage existing and new connections. I’m going to build a lifestyle brand empowering women, empowering anyone to make the most of their life. It’s well past time for us to stop waiting for things/resources/opportunities, etc., before we begin living restored lives and ensuring they stay that way. Tomorrow is not promised. Neither is tonight. Let’s be what we declare to the world. I am frail, flawed, and in the words of one of my favorite poets and songwriters Jill Scott, “beautifully human.” I am about to acquire the skills, support, resources and guidance to help people find their passions. I am one of WKC’s fierce #BossBabes. With their help, it’s time to change the world. Someone else wrote the words, but here is the core of my transformation; here is what’s next….

"She threw away all her masks and put on her soul. She declared "I am here to be of service. I am open and ready to receive". And the Universe heard her and sent out its infinite guardians to help her. They said "It's only the beginning" and she laughed, sang, danced, prayed and healed with her guardians until the very last human was awakened and realised the true meaning of the the words "we are all one".
The End." 
Francesca Silvanna

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OneWord 2015

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