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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 1….Exhilarated and Exhausted (I wasn’t prepared, but that is the way of Grace)

I rose at zero-dark-thirty like always, walked the dog, communed with the Universe and prepared to meet the day. THE DAY. Day 1 of #TheEnternship. Having arrived at my location way too early, I cooled my heels at Starbucks and Café 28, reminding myself to breathe and trust the Universe. Just a few days ago, I lectured a friend about fighting the Will of God. Turns out I needed the lesson myself. Gravity, I told myself. Gravity.

Somehow I find myself in the company of phenomenal women (yes, like Mother Maya meant it); women who have lived and learned and made things out of no things and aren’t ready to be told that they can’t do it again.
Meet TheEnterns

We sat casually in a beautifully soothing office as innovative entrepreneurs Gwen Wunderlich-Smith and Dara Kaplan told their stories. Their pluck, drive, and tenacity inspired us to be brave. The day was filled with challenges, information, and opportunity.

Gwen and Dara are remarkable; young, smart, driven, and consumed by a desire for success, joy, and achieving balance in life. They are the embodiment of so much I wanted out of life…but wasn’t ready to receive, it wasn’t my time. That is chief among my lessons. I was never supposed to manage on my own, to have any plan proceed without flaw.  I am appreciating to a greater and broader extent that bit of wisdom I have carried for so long….

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. 
Soren Kierkegaard

Looking back, I am deeply grateful.  Had life proceeded according to my plan, I’d have thought I did it on my own.  Divine Grace is sufficient without my assistance. With that understanding, I celebrate my beautifully human frailty, my foolish anger and fear, and all the times I intended to, but never quite got it right.  It is time when it’s time.

So, once again I am on the ride of my life. Once again I hold fast to my faith believing that while I haven’t a clue how this works out, there is, as always, the beauty of the aerial view. What is that view? Every now and then, when the puzzle of your life or your circumstances is nearly complete, God allows you to see the way that numerous threads, seemingly disconnected strands, decisions we made or things that happened or didn’t, sometimes entirely beyond your control, align in that “all things work together for good to them who love the Lord” kind of way. This I know. And with that….I’m off to do my Enternship homework, because I’m back in the office tomorrow. And only The Universe knows what that day holds in store.

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