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Thursday, January 14, 2016

#AfterShow-The First Lesson

Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all."

In the first week of my Today Show 16 to 16 adventure, the first thing I learned from the team was always to eat a first course. The original guidance was to enjoy soup, a small salad or a piece of fruit before lunch and dinner; I made first courses a habit. Habits are important, so my first new habit was to begin every meal with something light and healthy. Some mornings I eat fruit, an apple, a banana, or a small bowl of berries. I learned mindfulness when cleaning and preparing my food, appreciating the process as much as the treat. Often I find myself nibbling on my first course as I prepare the main meal. It slows me down. It take the edge off my appetite. It gives me space to "hear" how hungry I am and make adjustments to what I'll eat.

That's not actually the first lesson. The fist lesson came earlier. Before the Today Show, before 16 to 16, I had a moment of clarity which came to me in the form of a letter of love and apology I composed to my body.

You were my first and enduring gift. You are with me every moment. You have never failed me. Where I desire to go, you carry me. Upon rising, I sense your rhythms and we adjust, finding balance, grounding, coming into our beautiful natural pace; it happens without thought. You support me and I have neglected you. Without complaint, without resistance, you have accepted more than was necessary and this body is the result. While I love you as you are, we can and must do better.

The lesson was this...until we make peace with the body/life/circumstances we have, we will never have a chance at the body/life/circumstances we want. Without peace, we will not ever appreciate whatever we attain; it will never be enough. Confirmation came this morning. 

Do you love yourself enough
to never change anything?
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In less than 5 months. I am 20% smaller than I was previously. Change has been deliberate, measured, steady, Before any change occurred however, I needed to learn the first lesson. I fell in love with me, with the God in me, again.

I embraced, and am embracing that I am a work-in-progress. More importantly, I love the "work" I am at every stage. We spend so much of our lives waiting until things are different before we enjoy our lives. We waste precious time. We should remember that we are Imago Dei, made in the Image of God, and then ask ourselves, "Would you treat God the way you treat yourself?" We claim to love Him, desire to serve Him, call ourselves His children. If so, we've got to do better.

I encourge you to think differently. What is your one lesson? When you learn it, how will it change your life?

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