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Sunday, January 31, 2016

#AfterShow-Achieving balance

Last week over lunch with a dear friend, our conversation centered on achieving balance. She’s an inspiration to me having quietly lost over 100 pounds several years ago, no TV, no fanfare, and has kept it off. We talked about learning and living in a new place, where best health choices are natural and we’re not obsessed with losing weight.

I am still finding my way #AfterShow.  More than anything else, I no longer rely upon things I believed I knew before. I have learned that achieving balance is not about doing so much as about listening…and about trust. I learned to trust the wisdom and advice of experts (thanks Joy!), to stop reacting based upon habits or circumstances, and to listen, to the Universe and to my body. He created us to live lives in balance. We need to strip away the things that cloud our ability to hear Him.

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Either we trust Him, or we don't
I have an upcoming opportunity to speak about my experience and my personal mission to lead a restoration of our temples. What I’m learning is that the restoration we need to desperately informs every area of our lives.  

A friend articulated it in this fashion, and I’m borrowing it (thanks, Lelia!)
Whenever we're trying to change things up in our life we're going to come face-to-face with challenge. We're either going to fight through the hard times or...we're simply not. Our choice.
This applies to so many areas of life.
-Seeking God. ..our choice.
-Living a healthy lifestyle...our choice.
-Maintaining a drama free zone...our choice.
-Doing and being all God has for us...our choice.
-Letting go (thanks
 Christin Ditchfield)...our choice.
Bottom line:
Either [we] want this or [we] don't.
The critical piece for me in finally achieving a level of restoration and balance in my life that I believe, that I pray, is sustainable began with letting go. Once again, it’s all about trust. Trust means agreeing to be led. Trust means letting go. Those are two of the most challenging things I’ve ever needed to BEGIN to learn, and it’s taken me years to even get this far, but I have begun, and I see the reward for my obedience. I am encouraged to continue, not for me, but for anyone watching who might be losing hope, like I nearly did.  

Either we want change, or we don’t. Either we act upon the faith we profess, or it’s time to get real enough to admit we believe, but just a little bit. I keep coming back to this lesson, because as simple as it seems, it’s among the hardest things I’ve ever ACTUALLY done….I will trust in the Lord…

On the very first day of this year, as I made my morning ablutions, an old hymn came to me. 2016 is my year of letting go, the year when I will, in all ways, acknowledge Him and allow Him to direct my paths (Proverbs 3:5-6). It is among the hardest things I’ve ever ACTUALLY done, but that’s no reason NOT to commit. I did and I do declare my intention to create and sustain this new rhythm, this new standard, evolved. This day was made My Lord and I surrender to Him in it.

And so it continues…

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