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Monday, January 11, 2016

A moment of praise and gratitude….

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His Love endures forever.
Psalms 118:1 (NIV)

Every year around this time, I’m frying chicken for my bestie’s birthday (don’t judge; it’s what we do). In making my morning runs, I stopped at the grocery store. It’s a gray rainy day, and we’re all doing our best to see and be seen. Backing out, I notice someone pushing a cart while gesturing wildly to get my attention; I think I’m paying attention…

Finally, I roll down the window to see what’s what. She wanted to ensure that I was aware of the motorist waiting behind me. I was. There was a point at which I could have chosen annoyance, e.g., I”I know how to drive,” “mind your own business,” etc., …but bless God I instead chose thanks. I rolled down the window a second time to thank the kind stranger, and also thanked God for Grace and space.

What do I mean? We’re all busy. We rush through life getting to the next thing, the next thought, the next action. A stranger stopped to express concern for me…and God wanted to know if I was paying attention. Not only did I thank her, and Him,  I called my mama to offer a praise report…and that is how it is with Grace. When we receive it, we should pay it forward.

I hope my patience and sincere gratitude blessed the kind stranger. I know it blessed my mom when I called her….her kindness continues to bless me.

Trusting God…to hear from Him, to see His Hands all over my life, and to share all that I’ve been given. The big things. The little things. In all things.

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