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Friday, October 2, 2015

Just say Yes.

Let me tell you a story about faith. It's a story about not getting what you want. It is also a true tale of having something completed UN-expected tossed at you, just to see how you might respond. I choose to see it as a lesson in faith, for you, it might be nothing more than the encouragement you need to just be brave. 

I was recently angry with God. Please, don’t be alarmed, He knows, and it’s not the first time; we have an open, honest relationship. The dreams I thought I was pursuing for my life were dashed. My career, long-stalled, might be ready for a restart, as I was on the short-list for not one but two compelling opportunities. Citing God’s sense of humor (and married to that humor His Overwhelming Love for me), I received rejection emails from both companies on the same day. Doors Closed. FIRMLY. Because I am human, I pouted and railed at God, needing to be angry, to express my disappointment, and to be forthright. I earnestly committed to stop being dishonest with God years ago….He knows anyway. I gave myself 24 hours to be mad and hurt and then committed to GET OVER IT.

The next morning following my daily routine, I sat down for a few minutes news after shuttling both son and husband to work and school...I switched on The TODAY SHOW. Offhandedly, I applied to the 16 to ’16 challenge.

“If you're looking to get healthy, lose weight and improve your mentality on proper nutrition and fitness goals, we've got the solution for you. A few lucky viewers who are willing to come on the show and follow direction from our experts will have the opportunity to document their journey live on TODAY.”

"A few lucky viewers..." I don't believe in luck. What I have learned recently is that we create our futures by making choices, so we should be careful to choose wisely;it all matters.

As part of getting over "my mad" as mama loves to say, I offered a quick prayer…essentially, that if my faith was to be real, I had to let go of my notion of my dream and trust God. Within hours, He showed up. Not only did I hear from the TODAY SHOW team after offering that prayer and just saying yes, seven days later I was preparing to be on the show.

Holley Gerth, author, friend and godmother to my God-Sized Dreams, provided a necessary reality check. Asking for prayer from friends as I was about to dive of the comfortable, cloistered cliff of my life, she called me out, big time. 

“WHATTTTTTTTTTTT!?!? You don't even have your face on your (Facebook) profile pic and then Jesus puts you on national television.”

So, what if the last affirmative act of Faith is just to say Yes? What if what God wants most from us is to hear His Call and respond with willingness WITHOUT planning or programming anything that comes after? 

I don't have any answers. That's not my job. For now, for at least the next 31 days, my job is to show up.  My job is just to say Yes.

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