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Sunday, February 1, 2015


Circumstances press us down; we seek immediate relief. My morning devotion reminded me that the Holy Spirit is not an emergency resource, but rather That Which Dwells within us, resting, ruling, and abiding in our midst. God’s Omnipresence does not mean we engage Him as we should (hello, somebody). This morning, I was convicted by the Internet.

What? While I left behind me my season of brokenness, while I no longer sit in the crucible, while I am experiencing a fresh anointing and enduring the sweet fragrance of Petrichor, God is NOT through with me yet. While I am changing, He Changes Not. I am not where I was, but God continues to temper my will (temper being polite for BREAK) to remind me Who is in control. This morning, I was convicted by the Internet.

According to the article “Instant America” and Our Waning Patience for Everything, for my demographic, I am completely normal. I have the patience of a gnat. An infographic created by onlinegraduateprograms.com tells a sad story. Conviction is where you find it, y’all. 

Fortunately, God sends Lessons wrapped generously in Grace. At the moment of my impatience, at the end of my rope, just before the tantrum, I am reminded of the words of the prophet Isaiah as he teaches the people of God the tools they need to endure their captivity in Assyria.

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31(KJV)

This message I well know. This is the mantra I often repeat at the end of a long day, or along the last few miles of a long run. This time, Fred Hammond sung it in my ear, and it was necessary. It was fresh, I thank God. What made it new? Perhaps Fred Hammond singing this?

I'm so glad I've learned how to wait. In the midst of my waiting, I'm gonna bless His Name. 
Praise in the midst of it all. Well, at the very least, it is something to do in the meantime. At its highest, it is what we were created to do, what we should be doing with every breath in every moment. It challenges me to be mindful of my responsibilities to my relationship with God. What am I doing? How am I participating? Suddenly (once again), it’s not just about me, and that is my refreshment.

Call it an attitude adjustment. I still do not like waiting. Thatnotwithstanding, in an instant world, we serve an Eternal God, and while we are ever changing, He Changes Not. So I wait. I will bless His Name as I wait (Lord, let it not be too long…) and, because of Fred Hammond, I will DANCE.

C’mon….get your praise on. You know you want to….what better thing could you do in your meantime? 


  1. such a great time of fellowship with you yesterday. your voice is fresh in my mind from the words you shared yesterday and I hear whispering to me as I read this. you KNOW I want to dance.

  2. Praising Him in the waiting is so hard for me. I appreciate your encouragement to wait well.

  3. I loved your words of encouragement in my season of waiting. I cling to Isaiah 40:31 knowing God is working my challenges out for good. You have well said, " God sends Lessons wrapped generously in Grace." Praise God that His plan is better than mine. I enjoyed your time of sharing Saturday AM and it was great to speak with you a little bit. God bless you, my new friend.


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