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Saturday, September 6, 2014

What Back Spasms WILL teach you about Grace

I could be more faithful. I know now that it is time for me to go deeper, because my proffer of surrender and the worship I currently render is no longer enough. It does not fill me. I desire more. I continue to be plagued by a capacity conundrum. Simply put, I don’t stop when I should. I don’t quickly enough release my feeble hold on things beyond my control. I so admire people in my life who embody the Peace that passes all understanding, but that’s just not me yet.

This is my struggle; when God blesses you with ability, there is a natural breaking point at which you should surrender. My failure is hubris. It is an expression of prideful humanity, and it costs me every time.  I need to lean on God. From the beginning. Not at my point of weariness, or when I’m struggling just to stand. Let me tell you what back spasms WILL teach you about Grace.

Author Lysa TerKeust’s words across a Facebook page stunned me into hopeful stillness.
What will back spasms teach you about Grace?
Everything you need to know.
Hopefully, one lesson is enough.
I've found each time I start to get stressed and anxious, if I pause and start whispering, "Jesus, help me," my pulse slows and I can think more rationally. Our souls were designed to recognize and respond to the name of Jesus.

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OneWord 2015

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