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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rest (a kind of Grace)

so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.
Genesis 2:2[b] (NIV)

Seventh days are for resting…

I am trying to learn.  Ahem. I have learned. I now know that when I am too tired to get in God’s way, His path is cleared to move. Let me restate. I have learned that when I am too weary to rely upon my own strength, the scales fall from my eyes in time to see God move. Let me be clear…God moves whether I am in the way or not; it’s just that I am learning to get out of the way.

The inevitable consequence of my continual failure to get out of God's way is to be quieted and moved, and quiet and moved (by God’s Hand) is not my favorite way to take a lesson. Today I was tired; a pitcher more than half poured out…nothing to give and all worn down. Thank God I remembered that seventh days are for resting.  

Even God the Father took a rest. I’m not suggesting anything except that His is a worthy example, one to which I aspire. In the meantime (as I go off to rest), I leave you with this…
Weary must be how You want me
so I can’t get in Your way.
Lord, please give me Grace for one more day.

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