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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sharing with my sister-I'm guest posting at SeeSpeakHearMama

Lisha Epperson and I are having tea together this summer-we have declared our intention to actually meet. We’ve been online friends about a year or so, and she is my sister in all the best ways. We are women of God. We are wives. We are mothers. We share words and The Word and words of faith and friendship and fellowship. We dance-I do at it, she’s really done it. 

Because she is writing in recognition of National Infertility Awareness Week (#NIAW ) in her “Last Girl on the Hill” series, I offered a story of journeying to motherhood the hard way, my hard way. So, come visit my girlfriend, and read some stories. We’re sharing…

Confessions of a Superwoman {guest post by Chelle Wilson}

OneWord 2015

OneWord 2015

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