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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gifts, particularly the ones you'd NEVER claim for yourself...silence

The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint, and whoever has understanding is even-tempered.
Proverbs 17:27 (NIV)

I have been described as prolific. I have lots of words in my head, and they regularly come tumbling out of my mouth. Sometimes, I speak so rapidly that almost no one can keep up. We call it a family trait, a Jersey thing, and NY-Hurry-Up-Get-it-DONE-or-move kind of thing. Whatever. Lately, with age and hopefully wisdom, I am embracing a new Godgift. I am taking on the mantle of silence. I am learning to keep my peace, to meditate in silence, to Hush.

I am currently reading Proverbs, and there is richness in there. In searching myself for gifts, I am appreciating that aging has given me great appreciation for the pause. Not only does this disengage both my brain and my mouth, that worshipful peace makes space for silence, so He might speak to me. Every time I pause and pray, my thoughts and the words that frame them are better. 
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As a younger women, I wanted to get it all done; get it all in. A typically driven type-A personality, it was all about the go, go, GO. Praise God for having broken me, in spirit, of habits, that new things might grow. Quiet has overtaken me. Click here to tweet this...

Quiet has even become a hallmark for the way I process. I have discovered that with age has come introversion. I am easily described as a “social butterfly,” but the more piercing analysis is that I need to steal away to a quiet place to process. I may produce a lot of words, noise, and sound, but I crave quiet to make it make sense.

But God. Who knew that the gift of a noisy, chattering little girl would be worshipful, thoughtful silence. Considering the words of Proverbs, that restraint is the pause, the space where I recede to allow God to enter in, and reign. It is my extended breath. It is my acknowledgement that in quiet He will speak to me. It is my sacrifice of noise in which He delights. I gain not only clarity but peace. I gain the embrace of the Almighty because I am rewarded for my hard sacrifice (it is becoming easier). In releasing my desire to be first, to be right, to be heard, he stills me, and it is beautiful.

I’m still prolific, but I am learning to take worshipful time to savor, to filter, to edit what comes out. There is power and a blessing in the pause…and I am grateful. Thank You, Lord, for a gift I never even thought I’d want, and one I cannot imagine doing without…the blessed sound of silence.

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