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Monday, December 2, 2013

A quiet answer to a whispered prayer…

my quiet answer to a whispered prayer.
God moved for me, because, for a moment,
I was still; practicing peaceful anticipation.
This was my first Advent gift, unexpected, undeserved, like Grace. What is God revealing to you? What gift did He set aside for you to find? Would you  tell me in the comments?

The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.
Exodus 14:14 (KJV)

Sunday morning in song, I whispered a Sabbath prayer. Quietly I hummed, “Praise Him …Jesus, blessed Savior, He's worthy to be praised.” I am certain that at least part of the reason that song came to me was that I expected it to be the hymn opening the annual community celebration of Handel’s Messiah. I hoped to hear it this afternoon. I waited expectantly.

I am practicing “peaceful anticipation” according to one of my sisterfriends. Got to church this morning, and just felt full, like maybe there might be a moment when the tears would fall, could fall, freely. (They did.) At some point during worship, God moved just for me, and there it was…

Praise Him, Praise Him,
Praise Him , Praise Him
Jesus, blessed Savior,
He's worthy to be praised. 

From the rising of the sun,
Until the going down of the same;
He's worthy, Jesus is worthy,
He's worthy to be praised.

Glory, Glory
In all things give Him glory;
Jesus, blessed Savior,
He's worthy to be praised.

God is our rock,
hope of salvation,
a strong deliverer,
in Him will I always trust.

Lyrics by Donnie Harper

Sung softly, it was my quiet answer to a whispered prayer. God moved for me, because, for a moment, I was still. I was practicing peaceful anticipation. And, as is the way of God, the Chorale didn’t open the Messiah service with Praise Him. They sang something else and it was quite alright. In fact, it was quite beautiful.

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