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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

There is always something in your hand...#whbloggers

But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him?
1 John 3:17(ESV)

A child of the 60s, I was raised on community. I grew up with extended family, being accountable on some level to all the adults in my neighborhood, knowing that who I was and what I did cast a shadow larger than me.

Growing up connected is a powerful experience. In living a life of faith, it’s not just about you. Growing up connected has far reaching implications, challenging you as a citizen of the world; a steward of the planet, a keeper of the Universe. We are connected. This reminds me that I walk with a purpose, though not one of my own making.  I am more than just one. I am my sister's keeper.  So when an opportunity to blog for WorldHelp presented itself, I humbly accepted. My words alone cannot change the world. But, as Mother Teresa once said, “I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” You may think you have little or nothing to give, be it money, words or time, but I counsel you to think again. There is always something in your hand.

WorldHelp is a faith-based humanitarian organization serving both the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities throughout the world. In my corner of the Universe with your help, we will bring change. We must bring change. Matthew Henry, in explaining the Apostle John’s admonishment in 1 John 3:17 warns us against not being our sisters (and our brothers) keepers.  
Surely we should love those whom God has loved, and so loved. The Holy Spirit, grieved at selfishness, will leave the selfish heart without comfort…By what can it be known that a man has a true sense of the love of Christ for perishing sinners, or that the love of God has been planted in his heart by the Holy Spirit, if the love of the world and its good overcomes the feelings of compassion to a perishing brother?...If conscience condemn us in known sin, or the neglect of known duty, God does so too.

Deciding to change the world can seem overwhelming, like eating an elephant. How does one accomplish eating an elephant? One bite at a time. Take a step, just one step in faith. How?

When WorldHelp put out the call, they freely admitted that it wouldn’t be easy. According to their website, “there are so many heartbreaking needs in our world today, and if we’re honest, it’s easier to stay overwhelmed rather than act. With your help, we can change that.”

I dare you to stop hiding, to risk coming out from behind your “baggage” and consider opening yourself up to community. Here are the things you can do:
Go to www.worldhelp.net to read more. Do the research. Ask the questions. I did.
Consider joining the WorldHelp blog community. More information is available at https://worldhelp.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/World-Help-Bloggers-Guidelines-2013.pdf
Apply to join the blogging team here.

There is always something in your hand. An single act of faith, saying yes to WorldHelp challenged me to be brave, to take a bite of the elephant one nibble at a time, to give from the hand that I thought held nothing. Accepting the role of my sister’s keeper I am made new. I am the writer. I am the faithwalker.  I am the world changer, one bite and one step at a time. That simple act of faith, that embrace of Grace, one that you can join me in taking, is certain evidence that God is with me, loves me, and rather than Him calling the equipped, makes it clear that He is equipping the called.

God opened my heart, in stages, erasing my fears just long enough for me to rush into His waiting arms. Where it’s not scary. I will not change the world alone, but I’m no longer afraid of trying, even if I fail. And if you’re scared or intimidated, here’s another confession, I’m not THAT brave, because I’m still hiding, but in a good place. I am hiding where my friends are; my sisters are, safe beneath the shadow of His Wing, where there is always something in my hand.

What's in yours?

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