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Chaos, Social Justice, and Facing Fear in order to Seek God's Face

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

She wrote…

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children.
Ephesians 5:1 (ESV)
(for Nasreen and Shelly)

on my beautiful mess of a day,
God insisted on reminding me
that He knew;
that He cared;
that He’d seen;
that He’s got it covered.
Jesus isn’t as concerned about what we give as much as how we choose to do it. Our readiness in giving ourselves away to the world is in direct proportion to our ability to surrender. When the heart is ready to be given away, everything we offer is an act of worship. And it’s beautiful. 

Today was a beautiful mess of a day. Not in what happened, or didn’t but in what I brought to it (or didn’t). Today I struggled. Today I tried to find happy but always seemed to be just two steps behind. A smarter person would’ve given up. But on my beautiful mess of a day, God insisted on reminding me that He knew; that He cared; that He’d seen; that He’s got it covered. 

You see, she wrote,
It is in the valley, that place, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, when the wadi and flash floods seems so quick to consume, that is when we need our feet to be lifted and our spirits set aflight.
So don’t shirk the I’m sorrys.
Don’t run from the tough conversations.
Don’t let the image of where you are define your character.
Don’t refuse to ask others to help.
Don’t allow the yesterdays to keep you from today.
You don’t have to stay in the valley forever, but you also don’t have to keep your feet in the quicksand of the black night while you are there.
Chase it.
Find others who chase it too.
You may just run into that gust of wind that causes you to soar.

My Father put words in the hearts of my sisters so I would find them like the North Star in the night sky…steadily guiding me through sadness and fears directly to the Throne, directly to the King. I believed I’d never see on this beautiful mess of a day, and I couldn’t; I didn’t have my own light. I didn’t need my own light. God sent my sisters’ words to be my candles in the dark, writing me out of a gloom they didn’t know and I couldn’t shake. I’d never have had any faith in this kind of community had I not been fed by its Grace…Like faith, I cannot see it, but I know it’s there, infusing my beautiful mess of a day with the love of God.

Thank God she wrote.

Epilogue…sleeping puppy at my feet, Terence Blanchard on the stereo, about to snuggle with my Beloved. Two sleepy happy children and an abundance of peace. What began as a beautiful mess of a day is now just beautiful. Thank God for Grace, that I continue to look up instead of choosing to look down, and that I am not now, nor have I ever been truly alone. keep chasing Grace and Peace, y'all...

On Thursdays, I pray and and play with friends here...

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