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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


For in him we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said,  We are his offspring.
Acts 17:28 (NIV)

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I had the oddest conversation about feet last night. I realized that some people love ‘em, some people tolerate ‘em, and for other people, I guess they’re just there. 

There's my dancin' feet!
Barefoot, I honor the literal gift
of grounding, and meditate on
how and whether I am fully
grounded in The Word...

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As a dancer, I have tremendous reverence for my feet as my principle instrument. Yes, dancers speak with our bodies, but it is our feet that support us, convey us, allowing us to run, leap, and shout through movement. Thinking back to a liturgical dance seminar I attended earlier this year, the facilitator (a spirit-filled dancer and dance educator) talked about preparing the vessel for an infilling. More than spiritual advice, for dancers, this is practical information. You must be physically prepared for what you need to do.  The very first thing we did physically, after prayer and the lesson, was an act of consecration through alignment. Alignment begins with the foundation. We start at the feet.

As a dancer, I move most effectively when grounded and aligned. The connections between grounding, alignment, and surrender were never even things that occurred to me until recently (why weren't these obvious connections obvious to me before?? Another incidence of recognizing something obvious only at the precise moment you’re ready to receive it…). Physics teaches that grounding means lowering your weight center in order for the body to realize greater stability. It is achieved largely through relaxation (surrender). Through grounding, where we connect through and draw stability from a foundation, we achieve greater awareness of balance. My body has been surrendering for years in obedience to dance discipline. It took my mind and spirit a little while longer.

The floor is a foundation, and when we connect to it, movement is powerful. There is more strength, more balance, more lift, and for me, more joy. It’s not something I think about…it is something I am hardwired to do.  Can I re-hardwire for surrender? Spiritually, this is more than a metaphor. The Word is our foundation. Connected to it, grounded firmly, we have power. He is the Vine, and separate from The Vine, we are cast aside and wither; picked up, we are thrown into the fire and burned (John 15:6, paraphrased).

Because of last night’s conversation about feet, I am intentional about being without shoes today. (It does not hurt that I am sporting a fierce lavender pedicure…) I am honoring the literal gift of my grounding, and meditating on how and whether I am fully grounded in The Word. Walking my dog this morning (in flip flops), I worshipped in the morning breezes amid the caress of gentle summer sunrise, moving through meditative prayer and the dance prayer forms I’ve learned. I’m helping my soul achieve what my body learned long ago…surrender (and it’s really not so bad).

Lord, I’m off to praise you through dance prayer all today. Among other things, I am grateful that You are patient though I can be dense. While I may not be the sharpest tool in the box, I am tenacious, and in this, failure is not an option. Tenacity in seeking Him…another reason I’ll never stop chasing Grace and Peace. 

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