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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cut the pineapple (are you peculiar?)

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that you should show forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light; 1 Peter 2:9 (AKJV)

Is it peculiar that every time I walk into my BFF’s house and see a pineapple, I go into the kitchen, retrieve the cutting board, break the fruit down, cut it into chunks, and set it in a bowl in the fridge? Am I odd because I know (though we’ve never discussed it) that if there is avocado, pepper, tomato in the bowl on her table, she expects me to make guacamole, and I do? 
Be who you are. You are peculiar;
peculiarly His, and it is no accident.
Retain your joy, even when it
seems to make NO sense to anyone but you. 

I almost got in trouble for NOT cutting the pineapple.  You see, you and me, we are the peculiar people. What is peculiar? According to one Greek translation, peculiar means “a people for a possession” secured, belonging to God. Yeah, that’s us. So how do we “peculiars” behave?

We follow our hearts.  Knowing we are set aside, we do the hard things pretty naturally. We remain in an attitude of praise, no matter how difficult things get. I have a friend whose father is battling a recurrence of cancer, whose sister and family just suffered a horrible accident, and she remains encouraging, prayerful, and full of joy. She’s not trying to be that person; that is who she is.

We bloom where we’re planted. Making lemonade from the lemons life throws us is not just something we can do, it is something we don’t know how NOT to do. Take encouragement, for example. I thought absolutely nothing of saying a kind word or offering an “attagirl!” It’s what you do, right? Not according to author Holley Gerth.
“Listen here, girl; you offer a rare gift to the world by being an encourager. Kind words are becoming an endangered species. A woman who will say, “Yes, with God, you can do this” is a beautiful and hard to find wonder.”

We give with open hands. There was a time when I was uncomfortable sharing certain things. Here is what peculiar people know; they cannot give their blessings away. They can only bless others with what they have. What God has for you is just that, yours. Give with an open hand. You will discover that the more you give, the more He gives back, because just as the old hymn says, “You can’t beat God giving.”

Let me tell you about not cutting the pineapple. A couple weeks ago my BFF bought one, and for once actually thought whether or not it was an imposition for me to just do what I do. I made a conscious decision NOT to impose. It was the wrong decision. We laughed about it, but there was a simple message from God that bears repeating. Be who you are. You are peculiar; peculiarly His, and it is no accident. Retain your joy, even when it seems to make NO sense to anyone but you. You know what you’re doing. Keep finding and encouraging everyday miracles. You see things other people don’t, or can’t, but they need you to see them. The world needs you to see them. Finally, encourage. Encourage others like your life depends on it. Because while yours might not, someone else’s just could.

So, go be peculiar, and be so proudly. Go boldly for God. Go cut the pineapple.
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