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Friday, April 5, 2013

After…(Five Minute Fridays)

I thin I'm getting a little too old to easily stay up until midnight to hand with my favorite Thursday/Friday playgroup, but Thank God for mornings. I love the discipline FMF offers.  Happy Friday, y'all, I'm ready to flex my writing chops again. Wanna play along? Read/write/joyn another Five Minute Friday with us.   
1. Write for 5 minutes flat (to the bell, that is), no editing, over thinking (it's harder than you think)
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Ready? Set? Go!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)


I’m still working on the “after.” I ran into a member of my church who just lost her mother. I wanted to offer my condolences, and let her know that her family remained in our prayers. I remember asking about her father and his grieving, mentioned that I’d chatted with her sister, and wished her well. And then I mentioned after. All I could say was that some peace would come in time. I no longer tell those who grieve that “it will get better,” because that’s not my message to carry. I have mourned my beloved father for more than 15 years. I live with after…
Although after is hard,
after is also BEFORE, 
before suggests new beginnings.

BEFORE is a blessing.

I can still remember the last conversation we shared, the day before his unexpected death from a heart attack. He was vibrantly alive, winning at a round of golf, and then in a moment, gone. At that moment, we began living after.

The Word tells us that we can do ALL things through Christ, and this I know to be true. Note that it does NOT tell us that these things will be easy. There are so many things in life that faith and grace will lead you through, but there is NEVER any promise that “after” is easy. After illness. After death. After loss. After heartache. We are always working on after.

We work on after, but this is our assurance…we do it through community, and we do it through Christ. Finally, after is not just the end. Although after is hard, it hurts, it challenges us to do, see, and attempt things far beyond, after is also BEFORE, and before suggests new beginnings. BEFORE is a blessing.


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