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Saturday, March 16, 2013

a funny thing happened while walking the dog...

The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord;
    he is their stronghold in time of trouble.
Psalms 37:39(NIV)

According to one writer, Psalms 37 is
one of the best-loved of David’s Psalms. Its purpose is to teach the righteous how to live in a world filled with wickedness, and how to live among those who hate God. The Psalm contains seven admonitions on how to achieve tranquility and peace of mind under these conditions.

Matthew Henry says this of Psalms 37:39…
The more stressful the situation,
the greater my ability to remain composed.
This is God, suffusing me with
the peace that passes all understanding.

He is their strength in time of trouble, to support them under it and carry them through it. He shall help them and deliver them, help them to do their duties, to bear their burdens…

People who know me are amazed at my calm under pressure. The more stressful the situation, the greater my ability to remain composed. This came to me with age; as a girl and well into my 20s, panic was my strong suit. It was likely my grandfather’s illness and subsequent passing when my grandmother, who’d previously been the strongest person I’d ever known suddenly seemed frail. I had to step up. I can now see that it was Emmanuel, God with us, making His Presence known in me. I am forever grateful.

This may sound like an enviable trait, and perhaps it is, but I am loathe to take any credit. This is God, suffusing me with the peace that passes all understanding. And should I ever forget, I am instantly reminded in some way of my human frailty. This is one such humorous illustration. There is no other way to tell this story except to copy and paste it, exactly as I wrote it originally, on Facebook.

yessir, that's my baby!
okay, this is the way my day has gone. I was walking Sando, nearly done, making my way towards the park AND the garbage can for the final, er, dump dump. I was also planning to run with my girlfriend, Tammy. I notice a pit bull, tethered, or so I thought. I like my big dog, but I understand why people get nervous, and that's how I felt about ol' boy as he approaches. Anyway, the dog comes casually walking out from the yard, and that's when I notice it's NOT tethered. He approaches Sando, who brilliantly positions himself between the dog and me. Pit has not barked, and is presenting himself to Sando for the old sniff sniff, and then begins to bark and menace. I'm now shouting, "hello, hello??" No dog owner comes or answers. Long story short, this dog won't leave us alone, and I don't want to get caught in the middle of a dog fight, so I kick at the pit's head. He's still advancing. So then, I remember the bag of, er, poo in my hand, and in desperation, fling it at the pit. It explodes on him. He responds in sheer terror, and embarrassment I guess, slinking away. I could feel the adrenaline coursing through me, relieved, but still anxious, and that's when my back seized, in spasm.

To the owner of the pit walking up and down the street dragging his tether, your dog's going to need a trip to the groomer for a bath, and I'm not sorry.

I wasn’t being strong or brave, I was just being me. I had several reminders throughout the day that things could have gone very differently, and I thank God that He keeps me from day to day. I also have my back to remind me that I am frail, fragile, and nothing outside my Stronghold. But it did make for a very funny story.

And this, as an epilogue…I Am A Writer…I didn’t want to tell anyone (family, friends, my children OR my husband) what happened. I wanted them to read what I wrote.  Hm… 

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