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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not giving up, giving in…

           Wheat and barley are pounded,
    but not beaten to pulp
they are run over with a wagon,
    but not ground to dust.
This wonderful knowledge comes
from the Lord All-Powerful,
    who has such great wisdom.
Isaiah 28:28-29 (CEV)

Lent is about giving up, right? It is a test of wills, sacrifice, about what you can do for God, and not the other way around, right? No, that’s not it. I read something that explained,
Lent isn’t simply about us “giving up” something.  The real grace is when we recognize that Lent is a season in which God wants to give us something.  God wants to help us transform our lives and make us more free as people -- not just freer with God, but in the way we live our lives and love our families.

 I’m giving up on the fix in favor of
bowing down in worship,
stilling my body and my soul
to be renewed, restored, refreshed, in His time.

It didn’t all hang together as a set piece until this morning, as I was walking the dog. I was listening to Martha Munizzi sing “Renew me,” without ever realizing this is another one of those soundtracks for me OneWord. When she pleads “Don't cast me away from Your Presence, renew a right spirit within me. For I am broken before You, I bow down before You in worship.” Lent is not about giving up, it is about giving over; giving yourself over to the transformative power of the Father. We’ve had it all turned around.

Lent is the perfect time to endure a season of growth, but remember, growing isn’t always easy, and it usually isn’t without pain. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

I’m taking my 40 days. I’m already broken. I may need more, but this year, I’m not giving up; I’m giving in. I will be still, Lord, so you can move, and I can stay out of the way. Because once you’re broken, you can’t be your own fix. If I could be my own fix, I, like Martha, wouldn’t be begging NOT to be cast out. I don’t know enough to give something up, saving the useless habit of trying to fix myself. That’s what I’m giving up for Lent. I’m giving up on the fix in favor of bowing down in worship, stilling my body and my soul to be renewed, restored, refreshed, in His time. Whether it take 40 days or not.

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