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Thursday, January 24, 2013

...the first day of my "end of the 40s" world tour...

LORD, make me to know my end, and the measure of my days, what it is
: that I may know how frail I am.
Psalms 39:4 (AKJV)

Today’s my birthday, and even before it began, last night, I realized that I wanted to give it away. I was last night, and am right now, in such a good place. You see, today is the first day of my "end of the 40s" world tour and victory lap. Today I am 49 years old. I am alive (one of 4 living generations in my family), I am well and in my right mind (well, mostly). I have friends. I have family. I am loved. It may ve 20 degrees outside but my body and my soul are warm--I am safe. God is good. He has been good, even when I was at my worst. I could complain. I'd rather rejoice. I choose to start the celebration and my year by declaring that I am surrendered. I am BROKEN, Walking the dog this morning, I heard, in a new way, the lyrics of William McDowell's "I give myself away." You see, since I've already been broken that I might be remade in His Perfect (and in me evolving) image, giving the pieces away is not a complicated thing.  
Take my heart
Take my life as a living sacrifice
All my dreams all my plans
Lord I place them in your hands...
I give myself away…

Between that and “Take Me to the King”, written so beautifully by Kirk Franklin and sung masterfully by Tamela Mann,

Take Me To The King
I don’t have much to bring
My heart’s torn into pieces
It’s my offering…
…No rules, no religion
I’ve made my decision
To run to You
The healer that I need…

I have not only my birthday music, but the soundtrack and the theme for my day and my year.  Happy Birthday to me. When you read this, please indulge me in this birthday gift-hug someone wonderful; be honest about love. Love is a gift. I am content. I choose to share that gift of contentment..soul-deep peace. That is what I desire for my birthday…to give myself away.

Final thoughts? This is my year. This is the year I pull so much of what I have experienced together and I believe that this is the year in which so much in me will be released, in Jesus’ name. What a birthday present! What a year! 

I just read something by sister-dreamer Mel Schroeder, guest-posting at (in)courage today...not about my birthday, but so about my birthday....

"I have no doubt that God was in it, and He worked it out exactly as it should have been. He knew what I needed more than I did and met me exactly where I was. As He always, always does."
On Thursdays, I pray and and play with friends here...

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