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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 16 of 31-Appreciate the field, just as it is right now..

 And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.
Luke 6:31 (ESV)

Life is short, and precious.
Appreciate, meaningfully, right now,
what you have, whom you love. Don’t.wait...
I am the recipient of a rare and special blessing. I have an extraordinary friend. She is warm, loving, generous, giving of herself in a way very few can. In the midst of the holiday season, in the midst of mourning the loss of 27 lives in a tragedy beyond our understanding, we girlfriends shared a Saturday afternoon (that became an evening) giggling, sharing, soaking up sisterhood.

I have read that true love is inexhaustible. It is one of the few things that grows by division; the more you give away, the more you get. That is my extraordinary friend. She gave her girlfriends away, so that each of us might discover love for one another not unlike the love each of us has for her. These women are no longer just her friends. We are independently connected to one other through her. And they are remarkable. Just like her.

On a day when she asked us simply to come, to share the season by helping trim her tree, in came bags, and boxes, and food. You want to do for her, as a reflection of all she does for so many. Every woman gathered around the table had a tale of salvation at her hands, how she provides the right offer, the right assistance, the wise counsel, a place to rest, a place to cry, the balms of friendship and prayer. Oh, for a friend like Jesus…

As we celebrate the season of Advent, as we prepare to commemorate the birth of the Redeemer, share your heart. Be like my friend. Make. Do. Express your love in ways that people who should know, do know. Don’t wait. Life is short, and precious. Appreciate, meaningfully, right now, what you have, whom you love. Don’t wait for the right moment, the right opportunity, the right gathering. Make the moment right. Create the opportunities, gather those whom you love and want to know around you and love them right now. Because the community of Newtown, CT expected to have other days, other parties, other holiday seasons…and now they do not.

We celebrated life through our sadness yesterday, and somehow, we found joy. Find joy. Your life depends upon it. Oh, for a friend like Jesus. Like my BFF…     

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