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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The ministry of Starbucks and sweet potato cheesecake…

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,
Hebrews 10:24 (ESV)

I suspected my BFF needed a lifting yesterday, so I called to take her coffee order.  There is no healing in Starbucks, but blessings may come in the form of a warm hug and a warm cup. She's had so much on her plate lately and she was probably in for a rough day. It is what she does for me…stirring me up to love and good works; it is easy to give back. Caring for her, ministering to her big and little needs when and where I can is my honor and my pleasure.  When my beloved was in the hospital, while we were all dealing with our lives being turned upside down, she drove 11 miles to bring Starbucks to the hospital, kissed me, made me cry in profound gratitude, and then left.  

The telephone rang last night, and it was the friend I call "the notebook." Among other things, we were celebrating her landing a new, well deserved job at which she is about to be brilliant. God poured so much into her; she's generous to share it. I am thankful she is my friend.

I thank God for brokenness,
people who stir me to love and good works,
and Grace.
(Notebook is the friend who literally changed the air when I walked into the room the first time we met. She was the friend of a friend, I was welcoming her in my capacity as senior HR Executive at the company where she was coming to work. The molecules shifted mid-air--God did something special that day we met. I was on my way across the room to shake her hand, what we senior HR Executives do in welcome at work…but instead was led to enfold her in an embrace. It was what I was supposed to do.)

Well, among her particular gifts is the ministry of sweet potato cheesecake.  She's been calling and checking in since the God broke us to remind us He could (Thank You, Lord). It is not about the dessert--particularly extraordinary, a recipe she created, it is the visit. It is the fellowship. She was making certain we were okay.

It was Notebook who encouraged me to speak life to my dreams. She even helped me realize that they were God-sized and yet completely attainable; in fact, she reminded me that it was my responsibility to pursue them. Her cheesecake was my warm cup and warm hug.

I am so thankful for God, for my brokenness, and the people who stir me up to love and good works, and to whom I am bound to return the Grace. They lift me, we lift each other, and God is glorified. Matthew Henry's commentary of Hebrews 10:24 clarifies further the role we should play in ministering to one another,
While they derived comfort and grace from their reconciled Father to their own souls, they would adorn the doctrine of God their Saviour in all things. Believers are to consider how they can be of service to each other, especially stirring up each other to the more vigorous and abundant exercise of love, and the practice of good works. The communion of saints is a great help and privilege, and a means of steadfastness and perseverance. 

This charge is joyful and relatively easy to execute. Love one another. Look after one another. Meet simple needs and thereby be the hands and the faces of God. Even over coffee and cheesecake.

Today I am praying and playing with Sandra Heska King in Still Saturday... 

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