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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Message for the rest of us…(lessons inspired by Holley)

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding;
Proverbs 3:5 (KJ21)

But there are times when He moves. He’s not leaving us–he’s leading us.
And when that happens, we’re to go.
With courage.
With trust.
With obedience.
Yes, that’s the only exit strategy you’ll ever need–
Follow God out the door.

Q: But what if you miss that message?
A: Then you get the message for the rest of us… God will close all the doors except the one you must go through.

One of the most profound lessons I’ve learned comes from SØren Kierkegaard.
 I really wish I could just
follow God out the door
when He says it's time to go.
For me, God closes all the doors
except the one I must go through.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” If I knew more about life and where I should go; what I should do, would I rely so much upon faith?  I am grateful for discerning Grace, which usually means that when it’s all over, I look back and can appreciate how God brought me through the things I never thought I’d survive. 

That was a side point. Here’s the point I intended to make. Some people hear God’s call and move, immediately. I admire those people. I love those people-some of them are my very best friends. I am not among them. It is not that I am disobedient. Rather, God is teaching me Proverbs 3:5.  It is my leaning upon my own (flawed, human, fallible and clouded) understanding that may be the very obstacle that keeps me from moving the instant God calls. Because He has blessed me to “make it work,” I don’t always recognize that it’s time to leave when it’s time to go. I really wish I could just 
Follow God out the door.

There is hope for the rest of us, for the MEs out there (I cannot be the only one…) For us, God will close all the doors except the one you must go through.

I didn’t clearly understand this until very recently. I kept leaning and falling, leaning and failing, leaning and getting scuffed until I was broken. And then I had to break some more. Hold on, because the payoff isn’t likely to be what you expect…
We don't break once. We offer ourselves continually, as living sacrifices. So, coming to the realization that I had to be broken again to go deeper, to learn something new both about myself and about the Will of God means only that I am on my way. I am not done. I'm growing again. I'm broken again. Brokenness is the point at which I meet God. AGAIN.… though I am broken again, He did not build us to break beyond His restoring Grace. 

Now that I’m surrendered to remaining broken, I seem to be arriving at open doors instead of closed ones and brick walls. What I understand now is that it was not my time. It was not my season. Here is my revelation. There are those who move the moment they are called, and I bless them for their obedience, but mine is a different testimony. Those of us who miss the first (and maybe the second, third, and fourty-seventh) call will get the message for the rest of us, for each of us.

There is hope for us, for the MEs out there (I cannot be the only one…) For us, God will close all the doors except the one you must go through, and that is why He, alone, is God. Lord, I am so thankful that You are in control.

PS-I'm also thankful for Holley Gerth and the God-sized dream she's inspiring me to realize. Stay tuned...

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