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Thursday, November 22, 2012

I bet I can make it to 100….

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for ourGod is a consuming fire.
Hebrews 12:28-29 (NIV)

So many people are cultivating a habit of gratitude. People are becoming more intentional about thanking God for His unlimited Grace in our lives. Sitting here, pleased but with a lot to do, I challenged myself to list 100 things for which I am grateful. GO

1.       God
2.       Grace
Rattling off 100 blessings was easy,
and I could keep going,
because God is that good….
3.      That He is steadfast and I am trying…
4.      We have enough to share with guests for Thanksgiving.
5.      I have a lot to do, but time and help to get it done.
6.      My husband is home.
7.      My husband is not in a hospital.
8.      We have an optimistic prognosis.
9.      I envision him in my arms this time next year, and next year, and next year
10.   My children are concerned that I take care of myself, and get enough rest.
11.    I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my mommy but my brother is.
12.    My cornbread, for dressing, IS ALL THAT!
13.   I can laugh at the fact that my first pot of cassava burned because I wasn't here to tend it, but there is more on the stove.
14.   My house smells like pound cake because I baked Granny's 2 lb cake recipe and had it in the oven baking by 5:30 am.
15.   My teen aged daughter and I went shopping today, laughed the entire time we were out and are still talking to each other.
16.   My teen aged daughter.
17.   My tween son.
18.   My beloved, upstairs resting.
19.   A very silly dog, who suspects there is something yummy in the cooler (my brining turkey) but cannot quite figure out how to get to it.
20.  A friend got a job today.
21.    Hope.
22.   Learning that I can be in a stinky mood, really cranky, and that the people who love me STILL love me.
23.   Realizing that it's not that important, and that "I love you and I'm sorry" are the most important things you can say to someone you love whether you started it or not.
24.  It's not important who started it anyway.
25.   Getting everything on your shopping list before 9 am.
26.  Only making two more trips to the grocery today.
27.   The smell of roasting sweet potatoes, which will be candied tomorrow.
28.  Elastic waist pants, and the fact that I WON'T need to wear any tomorrow.
29.  No Spanx!
30.  A happy, silly, sleepy dog at my feet
31.   Music that makes me smile
32.   New wine glasses
33.  Homemade vanilla
34.  The smell of turkey brine
35.  Herbs from my garden will go in the stuffing, on the leg of lamb, in the vegetables
36.  That is will be warm enough to roast the leg of lamb on the grill tomorrow
37.  Laughing at the memories of eating homemade dressing for breakfast as a child while watching the Macy's parade on TV
38.  The experience of taking the children and family to the Macy's parade and having VIP access because my office (at the time) was on 53rd and Broadway.
39.  Not having to schlep to the Macy's parade anymore (it was fun but…)
40. Not stressing about being at the Inaugural this time (we went in '08, been there, done that)
41.   The fact that my BFF came over and that anything she does makes me smile
42.  Starbucks
43.  My Gayle, and that I want to call her RIGHT NOW, except that I'm writing
44. Ginger Cardamom gelato
45.  That I am looking forward to setting my table tomorrow
46. That I am looking forward to presenting a meal I have worked hard to prepare
47.  That I am looking forward to dining with my family tomorrow and NOT STRESSING AT ALL
48. Our leftover party on Friday, and that we've been having it for 20 years
49. That I will walk the dog tomorrow at daybreak and tell him all about the Thanksgiving we're going to have
50.  That he has gingerbread doggie biscuits to keep him occupied tomorrow
51.   That my in-laws are no longer afraid of him, but that Auntie B and Uncle L might be…
52.   Music to jam to as I write and hang with my teen aged daughter (and it's her playlist AND I like most of it)
53.  The fact that my eyes will fly open tomorrow at 4: something and I will be raring to go…
54.  The first bite of turkey, dressing and gravy
55.  The memory of my dad as I make his dressing, fused with Granny's recipe but without oysters (some day….)
56.  Coming to an elegantly set table, crystal, china, candlelit, with NO SHOES ON, because I have a pedicure AND it's my house…
57.  Sleeping late on Friday (til 6?)
58.  My daddy, even though He's with God now instead of in my kitchen
59.  That he would have adored his granddaughter
60. That he would've taught his grandson to play golf
61.   Smoked oysters as a snack
62.  That I type quickly and with accuracy
63.  Secret smiles
64. A backbone, and that I don't really know how to wallow in it
66. Not having to wear glasses anymore
67.  Seeing people in town and feeling like I'm home
68. Taking  breaks from cooking to go hang out with my beloved
70.  A sunny outlook
72.   The ability to turn the page, build a bridge, get over it
73.  That I usually don't remember what made me angry in the first place
74.  Laughter
75.  Being raised to be a lady but getting that it's okay sometimes to be a dame…
76.  The family I've claimed for myself that feels like blood
77.  Nails long enough to scratch that itch…
78.  That I cut 40' of hair this time last year AND it's growing back now, AND I look cute
79.  Being a little fearless
80. Really, finally getting that footprints thing, and that it's okay when there's only one pair
81.   Surrender
82.  Being broken (and not being afraid)
83.  The awesome power of a whispered "I love you"
84. Having my Granny still around
85.  Having my mommy still around
86. Dance as a second (first?) language
87.  Friends who get me…REALLY
88. My quirky and bizarre sense of humor
89. Friends who get my random pop culture references, and how a message from God can come from anywhere
90. The nerve to say I'm writing a book
91.   Actually working on the book
92.  Believing it will be published
93.  Not being afraid to dream
95.  Feeling, deep within, that I am a warrior woman
96. My laptop, and that I can write almost anywhere, and do
97.  Friends that let me tell their stories on my blog
98. My blog, and that it's two years old
99. That even when I'm by myself I AM NEVER ALONE
100.    That this was easy, and that I could keep going, because God is that good….

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