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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fight song…

I will give thanks to the Lord because of His righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high.
Psalm 7:17 (NIV) 

Sometimes God clearly confirms that you are on the right track. I imagine it as a wink and a hug from the Universe (thank You, Father). Writing last night I referred to a "fight song." You gotta have a fight song. I was first introduced to personal fight songs by my beloved, whose cousin said he'd need one to encourage him through college. She was right. He was right; it's a good practice. A fight song is the soundtrack you play in your imagination when you need to get your head right; to brace for warfare (of any kind), an exclusive rebel yell, before competition, before you fast and pray, to encourage you to take just one more step in faith when you're certain you don't have any more steps within you. A fight song.

Just today, in a online community, Stacey of 29 Lincoln Avenue challenged we intrepid (in)couragers with the following question…‎
Question: What is your favorite song about God? 

a fight song encourages you to take one
more step in faith when you're
certain you don't have any left...
Now as it happens, as a musician and dancer, I have lots of favorite songs about God, and many of them come from unexpected places. However, having just meditated on the things that have carried me through lately, I went to Over the Hill is Home by Take 6. In the recording of one live performance in Asia, the lead vocalist explains the origins of the song and its message, (which almost always brings me to encouraged tears when I listen)
This next song is a message of encouragement for all of you who need a little boost today. The next song says no matter how high the mountain, no matter how steep it seems, don't you ever give up, because Just Over The Hill is Home…

David the Psalmist was a master at the fight song. Have you ever really read the Psalms? Many are happy, full of music and worship, dance and high praise for a Mighty God; I love those. I also love the psalms David penned when he desperately needed a fight song. Among my favorites is Psalms 34. Traditionally, this is the psalm that brings us all to our feet in praise…"I will bless the Lord at all times. His Praise will continually be in my mouth." But here's the part we don't always remember. At the time of its writing, David was a wanted man as he fled Israel; King Saul planned to take his life by violent means. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, David fled King Saul's pursuit and ran straight into the Gath King Abimelech and the Philistines. (You should really study Psalms 34, it’s a great story.)

I am so encouraged by this fight song because I hear it as self-talk. I am comforted by how this  Psalm acknowledges my fear as big AND scary while simultaneously exhorting me to my deliverance through it.  I will be delivered. My Father God will carry me through.  Fear does not end my story. I seek Him in my fear, and we overcome it together. I just need to keep walking, praying as I go, no matter how high the mountain, no matter how steep it seems, because Just Over The Hill is Home.

A fight song may erupt from you at some odd moments, but it is a personal call to prayer. It is my worship cry, my battle call, my rally to arms, my roar before the next round. I sing it a lot, but it never gets old. It always works, like a psalm. I am soothed. I am persuaded. I am ready.

Lord, thank You that I am never alone. Thank You that when I get weary, when I get scared, when things get rough…I can sing to myself until deliverance comes. I wait, knowing you always come right on time. 

So, what is your favorite song about God? 

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