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Monday, October 15, 2012

Today I danced my prayers...

Exalt the Lord our God
    and worship at his footstoo
    he is holy. Psalms 99
:5 (NIV)

A dear sistahfriend, one of my superhero crew, leads the dance ministry at our church. I have always admired her spirit, but in the last few years we've become friends. We worship together. We dance together. We pray and laugh and lean on one another. She is my family.

She is preparing for a workshop and, as we'd attended a similar session together, asked if I'd mind demonstrating as part of her announcement. We've always been clear that liturgical dance is a sacrament; to be undertaken soberly, prayerfully. When I am asked to minister in any capacity, I think carefully before refusing. When we are invited into worship, we should consider wisely and well. I told her I'd make myself available. I'm deeply grateful that I said yes. 

Today I danced my prayers. Today I gave thanks before the altar. There's a part of me that wishes I could explain what occurs when I dance, but that's part of dancing your prayers, the movements are the words. Today I made an offering of my movement. While I danced in front of the congregation, a part of me was very much alone; set apart. It was an intimate conversation, just the Lord and I.

I am grateful for the gift of dance. It allows me to express feelings, to share emotions I'm certain I'd never articulate. I am open. While I may be observed, the subtext is absolutely private; mine alone. It is corporate prayer whispered in a personal prayer language-expressed as movement. Today I danced my prayers. I affirmed my surrender. I danced gratitude. I danced receipt of the gift of Grace. I said "thank You, Lord." I humbled myself and submitted to an anointing. I was rewarded with peace.

Today I danced my prayers. Today I worshipped before the Lord, and I am refreshed. My friend offered her thanks, but the gift was mine. I exalted Him by humbling myself. Behold, it was pleasant, and good. Like God.  

On Mondays, I pray and play with friends here...

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