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Monday, October 1, 2012

He has been our refuge.

The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed a stronghold in times of trouble.
Psalm 9:9(NIV)

Monday, I was praying for a new job. By Thursday, I was asking God to heal my beloved. Through it all, He has been our refuge. I have seen His hands in the way people known and unknown have come to our assistance.  I have felt  the Grace of prayers offered near and far, and I am humbled.

Is this what all that refining fire was about? Is this why I went through all of what I went through in the last few weeks? Lord, if this is what you were preparing me for, I am thankful. If I had to learn, I mean really learn to lean and depend upon you, I'm thankful that You loved me enough to be gentle in Your instruction, and patient. You have been my refuge. 

This storm made great noise in our lives. It was big, scary, and seemingly  insurmountable. I kept commenting however, each time someone asked, that I felt peace.   I was shaken, but I never for even one moment felt that it wouldn't be alright. How is that possible? Peace ain’t easy…particularly the peace that passes all understanding.  So much in life threatens our peace daily.  I am thankful, both for my beloved and our family that we have a source.  We are not disconnected.  We are not alone.  We have refuge. He is our Shelter,  respite from the storm. We are covered.

Monday, I was praying for a job. Thursday, I was beseeching God to heal my beloved. Through it all, He has been our refuge. So, as clouds begin to clear and I look up to see blue skies again, Lord, I exalt and praise Your Name. You do wonderful things. I am thankful, grateful and encouraged. I am weary, but unbowed, again awash in wonder. Life is often wonderful. In those meantimes,   storms come to remind us just how good good can be...storms come to remind us not to be afraid because we have refuge. He is our refuge. Refuge is our reminder that God is good.

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