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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rest (the remix)

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 
Matthew 11:28 (NIV)

Look at me
Stressing and things
Worrying about what life cannot fix
Allowing my troubles to take over
Getting my own needle and thread
Forcing the stitch
But it don
t make my dress no prettier
I just seem to make things more confused
I have to just stop and go to the maker
And worry about nothing
Not even my shoes
~Jill Scott

I caused no confusion. 
I spoke no unkindness. 
I intently and with careful deliberation 
moved in Grace. Had I more energy, 
I might have been up for the fight. 
Here is the lesson; my strength was made perfect in weakness.
Yesterday, I declared my intention to rest.
Rest. I shall rest. I shall find my quiet place, and remain there until He determines that I should move. And when I move, it will be slowly, deliberately, fully enrobed in His Will. I’m going into hiding, and just the thought of it makes me feel better…Lord, you have called me to rest, and merely the thought of it refreshes my soul.

So, did I? Do we ever consistently take our own good advice? I talk about intentionality. But do I listen? Rest. Did I? Knowing how tired I was yesterday when I laid my weary body down, I did take extra time this morning. While I was active, nothing I did this morning taxed my higher brain. I walked. I gardened. I harvested vegetables God and I grew. Good thing I decided to take my own good advice. By midday I was plunged into just the kind of inane lunacy that sets my blood to boiling. Fortunately for me I began the day both surrendered and hidden. (Amen) Thank you Lord for sheltering me just before the battles began.

It wasn’t anything earth-shattering, and as night falls again I can almost laugh. But I was prepared. I was positioned. I was at rest. At one point the day’s frustrations required me to talk myself off the ledge. Fortunately this was an easy conversation that didn’t take long. I knew the battle was not mine. I knew I had done my job (shown up, surrendered, and taken my place, locked in praise). I caused no confusion. I spoke no unkindness. I intently and with careful deliberation moved in Grace. Had I more energy, I might have been up for the fight. Here is the lesson; my strength was made perfect in weakness.

Here is the lesson. When yesterday, I declared my intention to rest, He was preparing me for the day to come. Had I not declared my intent to be fully surrendered, I would not have the testimony I have now. I had to be ready. I had to be exhausted. I had to be available to be used. I had to be listening.
Yesterday, I declared my intention to rest. Today I honored my agreement with me, my declaration to Him, and I was blessed. Today my obedience was rewarded. Both my obedience and my reward are confirmations that God is good.

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