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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let the people say “Amen!”

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good:
for his mercy endureth for ever.
Psalms 136:1 (KJV)

Two praise reports, one blog.

Yesterday, my Gayle sent me a praise report via text.  I wonder what God thinks of technology ((we) Change (He does not))? On her way home, a thousand things on her mind, she noticed someone driving close behind as she neared home. It even seemed like she might be trying for the same parking spot in front of the house. She was getting annoyed.

Finally, the woman pulled up alongside and rolled her window down. Crazy? Deranged? Stalker?? The woman asked, what’s the meaning of your license plate? Now I won’t tell you where she lives, but my Gayle has a vanity plate that reads PRVB 356. Maybe it’s a secret club; maybe it’s the key to a hidden treasure? Did you figure it out yet?  

It led to a conversation which led to a testimony. It was a ripple in the water. I wonder how far it will spread?

My son and I had errands to run today, and have been annoyed all week because we’d been subject to road closures due to utility work. I don’t have far to go when I run my errands, but with detours it can take twice as long to get out or get home when the straight path is blocked.

I sighed when I turned before thinking, mildly annoyed at having not planned better in advance. As I sighed, my son apologized for not reminding me sooner. I reminded him that it was neither his fault nor his problem.  We turned the corner, and there was, um, no road block; no diversion. My son said it all, “well, amen!”

We can always choose. My Gayle could have chosen to come out swinging on the offensive. You can never be too careful of the crazies, some say. I could’ve thought sooner about my route, planned ahead to avoid aggravation, but neither choice was in God’s plan. Thankfully, both my Gayle and I were open, surrendered, able to give God the glory and reap the reward. Thus ends the reports. Let the people say “Amen!” Let the people say, “God is good.”

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