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Friday, September 7, 2012


Happy day, it’s Five Minute Friday!
1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking (it’s way harder than it sounds)
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Grace and favor you granted me, and Your
Providence has preserved my spirit.
JOB 10:12


Graceful? I am. I am a dancer. Since I was three (a very long time ago, it now seems) I have been aware of my body in space, aware of my relationship to the floor, to parallel. I hear rhythms. I feel beats. I adjust my movements to tempos of which I am only subtly aware. I dance my entire life.

Just this year at a workshop for liturgical dancers, I learned to dance my prayers. Dance my prayers. This may not resonate with you, but movement is a language. I can dance a plea I cannot speak.

I used to be awed by those who could become surrendered to the power of the Holy Spirit in worship. I am a quiet Christian. I do not shout, though I may cry. Mine is whispered assent, an acknowledgement more felt than spoken. Until I dance. When I dance I can be loud. When I dance I am freed from speech, freed from awkwardness, released from the need for it to be “just so.” My body knows. My body knows.

He has granted me Grace and favor. I am graceful. I am Grace-filled. When words won’t work, I dance my prayers. I dance my praise. I dance my love. I lose my fear and find my fierce. He is praised. He is glorified. We can love him in many languages, even those without words. Gracefully. Grace-filled. Loud.

I dance and dance and know, God is good.
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