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Sunday, September 16, 2012

First stripped. Now released

 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. 
John 8:36 (NIV)

Now I get it. I am my own 2.0; a new release. Free. I couldn’t have known it would feel like this, but I’m grateful to have come through it to recognize wonderful. Free feels good.

Getting real and raw...
What would you give you up to get to another level? 
Philippians 3:12-14

This morning walking the dog, I felt lighter. Free. Released. No longer bound by holding on to things bigger than me, things I know I should let go, wasting time fiddling with knots I cannot untie. I let it all go; stripped it away, let it fall. 

This morning I heard joy in mournful music; hope in complicated melodies and rhythms I sometimes cannot hear-they require too much of me. Today it was all easy.

According to Matt Skinner, Associate Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary, the message of John 8 is simple--if you continue in the Word of God, you can expect three things:

·         you are truly His disciples
·         you will know the truth
·         the truth will make you free.
For me, the difference between knowing the truth and stepping out on it was what freed me. Now I’ll need to stay there.

It’s taken me about a week to enter the battle, lose, admit my weariness and powerlessness, and finally, to feel the sweet freedom of release. I’d surrendered, but I hadn’t let go. There’s a difference. My surrender meant I’d acknowledged that His Way was better and I would follow. Release meant leaving all my baggage behind, instead of dragging it along, or hiding among it. Release means admitting every day isn’t fabulous; that it’s not all okay; that you don’t (at the moment) have it all together and it’s never been as easy as you try to make it look. It means runs in your stockings (if you’re even wearing any) and loose strands of hair. Release means raggedy, but faith means it’s okay, or at least it’s going to be.

Now I get it. I am my own 2.0. I didn’t enjoy the fall, but the landing wasn’t so bad, and it isn’t so very far from here back to the path. It might have been scary, but it made me press in closer to You. It really was about getting out of my own way, to make room for you. To make room for blessings unseen but just over the hill I’m climbing. Making room for the praises I can dance, because now I can hear the music. Beautiful music; a joyful reminder that God is good.

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