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Monday, June 25, 2012

Rain blessing…

 I will bless them and the places surrounding my hill. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.
Ezekiel 34:26 (NIV)

It’s likely to rain all day today.  Once upon a time such a forecast would fill me with irritation.  By God’s Grace, I am changed.  I welcome rain for the blessing it is…a literal blessing to a thirsty earth. A balm for my parched spirit, as I must drive more slowly, walk more carefully, stay in when sunny skies would bid me “come out and play.” When it rains, the world is refreshed.  Thank You Lord for today’s rain; I gladly receive the blessing.

In Jewish tradition, daily prayers are made for rain, including:
“Bless upon us, O Eternal our God, this year and all kinds of its produce for goodness, and bestow dew and rain for blessing on all the face of the earth; and make abundant the face of the world and fulfill the whole of Thy goodness...
from the ninth blessing of the weekday Amidah

Rain gets such a bad rap in our culture.  Children are taught to sing, “rain rain GO AWAY.”
That’s just not nice.  We could do with an ethos reset. I choose to find the rain refreshing, plainly re-freshing me (and everything else), revitalizing.  Making the world (and everyone in it) new.  Like a Baptism.

Just as I’d always suspected, God’s god a sense of humor-the skies are clearing.  I’m not going to forgo the lesson, though, I’m taking my blessing. In fact, I’m so clear (like the skies are quickly becoming…) that I’m paraphrasing Jill Scott’s Golden, to show what I’ve learned about the rain blessing…

I'm taking my freedom (blessing) 
pulling it off the shelf 
puttin' it on my chain 
wearing it 'round my neck 
I'm taking my freedom (blessing) 
puttin' it in my car 
wherever I choose to go 
it will take me far  
I’m living my life like its golden…

Lord, thank You for our rain blessing, for the lessons they teach us, and a golden sun emerging from still clearing skies.  There are so many metaphors to me made here (why not leave me a comment with yours?), but I’m done writing.  I have been refreshed, and now I must give thanks.

Even raindrop can fill my cup, ensuring that it is never empty.  Even raindrops confirm the message that God is good.

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