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Friday, June 29, 2012

Only God…

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them..
Genesis 1:27 (NASB95)

I had every intention of participating in FMF today, particularly after last week. However, during my morning prayers/AM exercise/dog walk, something came into my head that had to get out.  It wasn’t what I’d planned to write, and that may be part of it. I don’t plan to write. It comes, and then has to get out-whispered words from The Universe that must be shared. Here goes… (Dedicated to and inspired by CD, with profound gratitude)

Yesterday I had a long conversation with a wise and generous stranger, whom I pray will become a mentor and friend, about my writing. She challenged me to think about to whom and for whom I write. A logical and straightforward question; one posed often by writers to broaden their reach, enlarge their territory, strike it rich. Who is your audience? You should know who reads your words if you want them to do so regularly, embracing your efforts, supporting your endeavors, be friends, subscribers, people who buy your books.  My answer wasn’t quite what I anticipated.  You see, I write for me.

Gya Nyame representing the Presence of God, Only God or God alone
The Adinkra symbol Gye Nyame is on a ring 
I have always worn on my right hand. Adinkra symbols, 
originating in Ghana, West Africa symbolize virtues, 
folk tales and proverbs, animals, and even historical events.  
Most are very old, having been passed down through generations of craftsmen.
Who am I? I am an American woman (African-American).  I married my first love nearly 20 years ago, and am fortunate to have brought forth and raised with him two extraordinary people (our daughter and son) who changed our lives and will change the world. At nearly 50 I have a living mother and grandmother, and though my father died nearly 15 years ago, he still looms large and hovers close, as his guiding spirit informs my writing. Dad, even now, I measure words with you in mind.

Who am I? There is an essay or a book on that very subject which I will never write, because for all that I reveal I am perfectly content to be a bit of a cipher, among other things.  (By the way, there is an essay or book for everyone who has ever asked the question, Who am I? It’s so not about me.) But as to the question, who am I? I am flawed and frail, but made in the Perfect Image of God. I write for everybody (me).

It then occurred to me along this prayerexercisedogwalk, that God is our mirror. Wikipedia defines mirror as something which “reflects light or sound in a way that preserves much of its original.”  Mirrors do not change (nor does God) but what we bring to mirrors (physically, spiritually) greatly informs the images we see. Our images in the mirror will change over time, but the mirror never will. Believing that we were created in the image of God, we are all the same.  That’s why I write (for me). I write for God.

CD, when and if you’re reading this, know that I am off to develop a marketing plan, and to think more about how to do what I’d like to do next. And finally, know that I am forever indebted to you for the good you put into the Universe in my direction. I will pay if forward.

Yesterday I had a long conversation with a wise and generous stranger. She blessed and challenged me. I am excited and encouraged; renewed. Now I have to figure out how to get my words in front of the people I’d like to read them. To embrace them.  To be transformed by them, as they transform me. I’ve got a lot to do, and that “having a lot to do” is today’s lesson.  Today’s evidence that God is Good.

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