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Monday, June 4, 2012

On prayer…

Then what should I do? There are times when I should pray with my spirit, and times when I should pray with my mind. Sometimes I should sing with my spirit, and at other times I should sing with my mind.
I Corinthians 14:15 (CEV)

I offer my heart to the power of Grace that is never absent.  Peace is at our beck and call.  So call for it.  It will answer. 
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Yesterday was Prayer Sunday.  A new addition to our church calendar, this day focused upon learning to pray, flash prayers, and intercession.  As I reflected upon the first of three meditations (instead of a single sermon), I began to write.  I realized, not only that it was a prayer, it captured the lessons I’ve been learning lately about being quiet, being at peace, being open.  This is unedited, just as I wrote it yesterday. I pray it might bless and refresh your spirit as it did mine.  

I am patient.  I am still.  I am yielded.  I am quiet.  I am quieted by the anticipation that I might be used and useful.  I am small, but not insignificant, as I am known to You. (Psalms 8)  I am patient.  I am still.  I yield.  I quiet myself, as appreciate the stillness.  I am quieted by awaiting my assignment, not knowing Your Will, but trusting, being patient to see what kind of vessel You might mold me into. This is my assignment, and while I wait, I will relish and celebrate stillness.  I am patient.  I am still.  I yielded.  I am quiet in Grace.  I am quieted by Your Love. 
Selah and Amen.

My new lessons, both literally and spiritually, are about doing less and listening more.  We don’t listen enough; there is so much noise, often of our own (my own) making.  It is time to be quiet.  Quiet and unafraid.  We fear empty, as though it means something is lacking.  We fill everything and yet feel empty. Let’s stop.

Yesterday in worship, where things can be both loud and exuberant, I savored quiet meditation.  I was conscious of 6 quiet minutes of prayer (yes, I checked, grateful for the gift of that much peace).  I recognized the quality and the value of each breath.  I heard music but no singing.  I was filled.  My life is full, brimming with abundance.  I am reminded that my cup is never empty, I am reminded that God is good. 


  1. Thank you for sharing with us at NOBH. Please link up again all month. It is truly beautiful to be quiet with God and before Him, isn't it?

  2. Very beautiful and full of truth...there is SO much going on throughout every day but it can still feel empty without "breathing" often :).

  3. Thank you for this post. I need to be reminded to be spiritual in my life. I love your words. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for sharing from the Word. I'm a fellow believer and always appreciate reading from others who share... and prayer is a biggie for me! I just don't understand what a flash prayer is... I was seeing a lot of definitions and think I will search it again.

  5. I used to fear the quiet and had to be doing something, or many things all at once but inside my head was utter chaos. I am slowly learning just to be still and relax. I used to hate gardening but now I find myself sitting in the recliner by our big front window and watching the bees go from flower to flower, and ocassionally am blessed with watching a hummingbird drink from our feeder. I find myself tending to the garden and my birdfeeders more because I love watching nature!


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