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Monday, June 11, 2012


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
     his mercies never come to an end;
 they are new every morning;
     great is your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22-23 (ESV)

While Sundays set the tone for my week, it’s on Mondays where the rubber meets the road.  On Sundays, we move leisurely, family breakfast, planning/prepping/executing Sunday Dinner, dressing for church, worshipping as a family, dining, and then taking it easy until time to go to bed.  If Sundays are like days off from training, Mondays feel more like race days.

Walking the dog on Monday morning, I particularly look forward to taking my time after rushing to get everyone out of the house, off to work, off to school.  It is during this walk that I literally feel my mercies refreshed, my energy renewed.   No matter what I face in the week to come, in the battery recharge that is Sunday and the engine gunning that is Monday morning, I am ready.

Monday morning walks allow me for the last time (hopefully) make peace with and release the manner in which we made it through the previous week.  How’d we do, Lord? Did we give our best for You? Did we do so graciously? Are we quietly proud that we got it right, or deeply grateful not only for today’s new mercies but that there are a week’s full of them to come?

New. While Your love for us is steadfast, Your capacity for forgiveness is like an Etch-A-Sketch.  Shaken clean, effortlessly. (Thank You, God). 

New.  This is a new lesson to master.  Why shouldn’t we forgive ourselves and one another like You do? Etch-A-Sketch-style? One shake and it’s done.  Clean.  New.

It’s Monday.  I’m shaking my Etch-A-Sketch clean, and yours too, world.  I got new mercies, and I’m giving them away.  Freely.  Graciously.  Quietly praying that a) I’ll get it right, and b) I won’t need to shout about it to the world.  Except maybe here to you, as you read this, praying that if I get it right, maybe you’ll have the nerve to shake your Etch-A-Sketch clean too.  And in so doing, be able to see that new mercies, clean slates and gleefully offered second (and third, and fourth) chances, are all proofs that God is good.


  1. Great comparison. More of us need to look at Monday like that.

  2. That's interesting because I go to church on Saturday night and I so look forward to Sunday because it's my day to really relax and catch up in different areas of my life that where I fell short during the week.  Sunday is a day that I can enjoy coffee and a nice breakfast and meal planning for the week ahead.  It's truly a day of rest whereas when I used to attend church on Sunday the whole day was rushed and never a day of rest!  I love my morning walks with my dog and my husband at our beach.  Thank you for your sharing!

  3. I always say " each morning you wake it, it's your choice to let yesterday bother you or to start a new day"

  4. Beautiful post! those Monday Morning Walks sound amazing. :)

  5. Love this! I love that we get to shake the etch-a-sketch each day and start over. Mondays are hard for me because the slowed-down pace of the weekend is over and it's time to hustle (I'm not a good hustler). But I try to be thankful anyway. Thanks for sharing!

    It looks like my name is Anonymous, but I tried to sign in. I'm Leann (http://mabeswife.wordpress.com).


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