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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Follow Me…

To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you
leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.
2 Peter 2:21 (NIV)

Walking Sando this morning, I gave my Gayle a call; her husband is traveling on business and she’s got full charge of my two EXTREMELY AWESOME but BOISTEROUS godsons.  I wanted to know how the first day and night went.  I was laughing as I overhear the morning scramble…”get this, do that, let’s go, hurry up.” She then said something interesting….”why don’t the boys just follow my instructions?” Thinking further she said, “I guess Jesus says the same thing….why don’t people just Follow Me?”

Fast forward a few hours to a meeting--part two of an interaction I blogged about here.  This is what that meeting taught me about faith…

When we learn to lean and depend; when we learn to go to the hill; when we learn to seek His refuge, it’s alright.  You see, before I ever walked into yesterday’s meeting, it was already alright.  The test was mine-you see the battle wasn’t, but the test, waiting patiently upon the Lord, was…and yesterday, when presented with the opportunity to glorify God, I passed.

The experience of properly taking advantage of an opportunity presented a couple weeks ago occurred to me today as this meeting drew to an end.  It was a little contentious, but because I’d prepared (praying and seeking a quiet place in my soul from which to act), I got through it with Grace.  I was also encouraged by the observation of a good friend that I’d appeared completely unflappable (that was God, not me.  I was hiding behind the shadow of His wing, or something…) Just like last time, once dissent erupted,

I really could have responded to the feeling in my gut that something was going to be “out of order” with a call to battle.  In fact, I confessed to a good friend and colleague before a meeting began that I had a sense it was going to be contentious.  She agreed, asked if I’d heard anything, and asked how I knew.  I told her that I was listening to the Universe, and that I was fully prepared to handle it, for you see, the battle was never mine.  I had nothing to do but stand by.

Stand by, or in this case, just follow.  Simply follow.  Or, as I’ve written elsewhere, stay in your lane.  Where’s my lane? The one behind Jesus, and I’m not questioning the route.  It’s my job to simply follow.

What happens when you follow? Well, there’s less stress (at least for me) because you know your job.  For me, I’m no longer concerned about the outcomes, because when I do my job, no matter the outcomes, I have abided in faith, and I am okay.  Likely, as I’ve now consistently learned, I am better than okay.  I am victorious (and considered gracious, composed, above-it-all).  That’s not a bad way to come out of a situation that could’ve been a street fight (as only well educated, civilized adults conduct street fights in polite society).

Gracious, composed, above-it-all…I’ll take any or all of those.  Each is a blessing.  Each serves to remind me that my cup is never empty; each of them reminds me that God is good. 

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