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Friday, April 6, 2012

Light! (www.thegypsymama.com 5 minute Fridays)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)


So the light(bulb) finally came on, and it only took all of Lent for us to get it.  40 days ago, my son happened to be walking the dog with me on a morning off from school.  We agreed that our Lenten sacrifice was to learn to better control our emotions….me not losing it so much, and him, developing the strength to meet adversity with quiet strength…time for my little boy to become a man.  We agreed to check in, work to support each other, whatever it took, to prayerfully become better people than we’d been.  

This morning, because there are no accidents, we checked in on how we’d grown, being (or not being) successful in our sacrifice to become better people.  We concluded that while we’d come far, we still had a ways to go….that’s when the light(bulb) came one.  We never fully acknowledged that we weren’t in control.  I challenged him…what did you learn in pre-school? Philippians 4:13….”I can do all things through Christ…” Duh! While we were on the right track, we forgot to put Him first.  We were leaning on our own understanding….and clearly, that wasn’t the right way to lean!

As confirmation, we ran into a friend as we were running pre-Easter grocery errands, and got to confirm our learning….

Confirmation….further evidence that God is Good, and that 5 minutes wasn’t enough time to tell this story, but it’ll have to do…

Resurrection Blessings to one and all…He is Risen and worthy to be praised!


  1. Lovely story! Thanks for sharing and reminding the rest of us to put Him first. :)

  2. Yes! that's it exactly....
    it's the fruit of the Holy Spirit afterall ~ not our own!
    luved this ;) TY for sharing your light w/ us ~

    Blessed Easter!

  3. I am very pleasantly surprised by your blog. I have been out of touch with God... to be honest...

    1. Jesica,
      Your comment touched me more deeply than you'll ever know....thanks. I hope and pray that you get back in touch.
      Peace and good to you.


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