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Thursday, April 19, 2012

He saves me....

As for me, I will call upon God,
And the Lord shall save me.
Evening and morning and at noon
I will pray, and cry aloud,
And He shall hear my voice.
Psalms 55:16-17 (NKJV)

He saves me….

Me finishing my first 5k
It’s not Wednesday, so I am late posting once again.  Tuesday was a rough day, so yesterday was a day of (complete) rest.  It’s not often that rest (not nearly often enough).  I don’t easily accede to a demand for complete respite.  I’m a bit of a hard head, but when you know someone cares, unabashed, you should not argue. 

I am many things to many people.  Woman, wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, runner, dancer, friend, mentor, professional, and humble servant of the Most High King.  I guess you could say I have a lot on my plate.  I also retreat here, to my feasting table, to write and wonder about the world in which I live, and more thoughtfully, about how I life in it.  Sometimes, I even include a recipe, entitled, "Today's Feast."  By way of introduction, this is my blog, "treat Me To A Feast: Notes from my Abundant Life."  It is my constant reminder that no matter my circumstances, my life is filled with wealth in abundance...health, humor, family, and friends who love me, hearth, home.  When life gets particularly rough, there is comfort for me that in an imperfect world, a perfect God loves us and abides with us through all things.  

Let me tell you about being saved.  My 11 year-old son and I are training for our first 5k together.  We’re three weeks from race day, and now at the point of running 5k at or about 30-35 minutes, three days a week.  We set out to run Tuesday, later than usual.  I’m still learning proper breathing, so with a slightly stuffed nose, I’m running with an open mouth.  (I know, not optimal.  Anyone with good sense would have called it a day.)  As soon as we set out, my throat and chest began to burn.  Not wanting to disappoint my boy, I set my mind, determined to complete the run.  At 2.59k, I had to quit; wheezing dangerously (for me). I have so-called “latent asthma” which is only really a problem when a cold lingers too long.  Anyone with good sense would not have run.  My son, every inch his father, insisted we head home immediately; I had some water, a shower, and went to bed. 

My husband has immense self control; it is something I both love and respect about him.  Because we respect each other, his control does not extend to controlling me. I know how much trouble I’ve gotten myself into when he insists that I do something.  After Tuesday, he insisted that I go to bed and rest, and I did.  I spent all of yesterday in bed.  Really.  Fortunately, the children are on spring break this week, (and the pollen count hasn’t been much kinder to them) so my regular schedule has been limited with a focus on hanging with them.  Both my husband and our daughter suffer from severe seasonal allergies, and in my daughter’s case, allergy-induced asthma.  When the pollen count gets my son and I down, it’s really bad. How was I saved? I had the good sense not to argue with my husband (excellent wife that I am), because his insistence was based solely upon his love for me.  Sound familiar?

What’s in your life, and good for you, that you’re too pigheaded to listen to? Is your quest for independence or autonomy impeding your ability to be loved? Are you trying too hard to make the point?
“Let Go, Let God”, by PJ Morton, performed by DeWayne Woods, talks about getting out of your own way. 

As soon as I stop worrying
Worrying how the story ends
I let go and I let God
Let God have His way

That's when things start happening
I'll stop looking at back then
I let go and I'll let God have His way

There's so much going on
Sometimes I can't find my way
And often times I struggle
Struggle from day to day
I have to realize that it's not my battle
It's not my battle to fight
I have to know if I put it in His hands
That everything will be alright 
I had the good sense not to fight my husband, and I feel considerably better today than I did Tuesday or Wednesday (though I’m still wheezing just a little).  What would’ve been the point of fighting anyway? Was he trying to control me? Is it possible to be an independent woman and not need to always have the last word? Lord, he saved me, just like You did.  You placed him in my life for many reasons, not the least of which is to remind me of my relationship to You, and how my relationship with my beloved husband is an opportunity to get it right. 

This is my abundance.  I choose to see my glasses half full.  I choose to see that some days I’m even drinking from finely cut crystal, rather than paper cups.  This is my feast. And, as I’m about to get some rest, knowing that running can wait and I will be ready to train in a few days, once again, I am grateful.  Grateful for yet another reminder that God is Good. 


Today’s Feast: Salmon Salad…

Backstory~this is a recipe my husband taught me, and everybody who’s ever tried it loves it.  It’s good with canned salmon, and great with leftover salmon, cooked any way imaginable. 

1 can salmon, skin and bones removed
About 2 bunches scallions, minced (or, an amount roughly equal to the amount of salmon you have)
1T coarse brown mustard
1T Dijon mustard
A dash of pepper sauce (nothing beats mustard based Caribbean sauce)

Mix all ingredients together until just moistened.  Serve with bread, crackers, or stuff into a pita.

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  1. I love your positive view of life!!

    The UBP is a highlight of my blogging year, and I'm so glad that you've linked up this year!! I look forward to getting to know you better in the months to come.
    - Ashley Pichea


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