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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not a raging optimist...

People cry out when they are in trouble; 
       they beg for relief from powerful people.
 But no one asks,
'Where is God, my Maker, 
       who gives us songs in the night,
Job 35:9-10(NCV)

Henceforth will I look on all things with love and be born again. I will love the sun for it warms my bones; yet I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit. I will love the light for it shows me the way; yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars. I will welcome happiness as it enlarges my heart; yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul. I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due; yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.
~Og Mandino

There is only one more day in my 31 days of sacrificial prayer for my husband.  “Awed and astonished” am I at what it has wrought, for  me, for my beloved, for friends who’ve shared the challenge with us, comments I’ve received from readers here, etc.  My pebble tossed in the ocean stills ripples. I may just keep praying in this way, but I won’t be blogging daily about it.  Once again, it’s time to do a new thing.  Today’s prayer for my husband is that the Lord would place a song in his heart.  The easy thing would be to say that he’s a “whistle while you work” kind of guy, but he isn’t.  He is not a raging optimist. 

I do find it interesting, and see the confirmation that God is firmly in this mix that on the 30th day of prayer, while my husband is reading the Book of Job, the Book of Job is the source of the scriptural reference for today.  Job wasn’t a raging optimist either, but there was never any doubt that he loved the Lord.  And, just because Job wasn’t whistling whilst he worked doesn’t mean there wasn’t a song in his heart.  My husband has a song, and it is the rhythm of his life.  His life is his song.   

What is your song? What is the rhythm of your life? Perhaps a better question, what do people see/hear when they think of you? Somedays I am a Psalm of praise, other days I am certainly a Lamentation, and yet I sing.  Quoting the hymn, His Eye is on the Sparrow, "I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free. His Eye is on the Sparrow, and I know He watches me.”

Thank You Lord, for my husband’s song, my song, happy or mournful, whatever it might on any given day.  Thank you, most of all that You are there…watching.  In Your watchfulness, I am reminded, God is Good.

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  1. A beautiful post. God doesn't call us to be happy all the time, He calls us to praise him - even in the midst of darkness. Job understood. Sounds like you and your husband understand too. That, in and of itself, is the true blessing of faith!

    He never changes -- no matter what!


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