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Friday, March 9, 2012

Empty (5 Minute Fridays)

For He hath satisfied the empty soul, and hath filled the hungry soul with good things.
Psalms 107:9 (DRA)

I decided to give 5 minute Friday a try (trot on over to www.gypsymama.com for more information)….but made it more difficult for myself by following my blogging habit of beginning with a scripture.  So…empty…

Empty pockets, empty days, feeling empty? Lost, without purpose, without a plan? I guess that might be what you’d say about my life…but my life is not empty.  When we say empty, are we talking about lack? What we might not have, what we might not keep, what we desire but can’t afford. 

I’m not empty. I’m full.  I am full of joy, at simple things.  Things that I thought I used to need, spa days, Sbux, time away from my family….hmm, not so much.  My days are full.  Long rambling walks with my dog, late night TV dates with my husband, running with my son, yoga with my daughter.  I’m not empty.

When doing spring cleaning, you begin by clearing things out, making spaces empty so they can be refilled with the right things.  Have you ever considered a dramatic turn of events in your life to be the opportunity to be filled up?

Was I ever empty? No, I think I might have always been filled, even if it was only with empty pursuits.  Random wastes of time, tasks I thought were important but later learned to live without, responsibilities I took on thinking they were the right thing to do, and then, once I stepped away, realizing that the gift of my time, the filling of my previously empty days, should be filled with good things.

Good things.  Like laughter.  Good things.  Like time alone with the Universe.  Good things, like enjoying soft breezes and time in the kitchen cooking with family, because suddenly, I don’t have to rush.  I can take my time; cooking from scratch, lingering over a cup of slow-brewed tea, considering what to fill my time with, because, with less empty noise, I am more deliberate about how I get full.

Lord, thank You for emptying me, like a closet before Spring cleaning.  I was filled with a lot of empty stuff.  Maybe not empty stuff, but now that I’ve had the opportunity to consider what should be in my “closet” I make better choices.  It’s like clearing everything out of the room and appreciating the space, before determining what really BELONGS in there.  Like everything that would go in there had its own place, and only the right piece would do.  What would it be like if we lived our lives more sparsely.  Like everything that went into them mattered….critically?

I think it’s time to redecorate my life.  And I’m absolutely certain that starting from scratch, empty, is my evidence.  Evidence that God is good.  


  1. You are certainly not "empty!" What a rich, blessed life you have. Enjoy it to His glory!
    Stopping by from www.mylifeasanadventure.com

    1. Barbara, thanks for stopping by. I'm a new fan of yours.

  2. I'm grabbing on to your word picture of having to become empty to let yourself be filled with the important and precious things. I'm praying for God to do some spring cleaning on me.

    1. Val, may it be so, in Jesus' name. Thanks for stopping by...


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