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Friday, March 16, 2012

Brave (or not)...5 Minute Fridays @ www.gypsymama.com

  I say to the LORD, You are my God. 
   Hear, LORD, my cry for mercy.
Sovereign LORD, my strong deliverer,
   you shield my head in the day of battle.
Psalm 140:6-7

I don’t have to be brave.  I can pretend to be, I can act as if, I can look the part.  I don’t have to be brave….it’s unnecessary.  When you finally begin to acknowledge that we are made strong in confessing our weakness…you no longer worry about it.  I didn't say that I was good at it, or that it’s always the way I behave….it’s a construct.  It’s a goal.

Yesterday, I participated in a focus group on public education in my community.  I spoke out.  A lot.  When I was younger, I was far more concerned about getting along.  It wasn’t that I didn’t speak my mind, it’s just that I really measured my words against how they might be received by the group.  Now that I’m crowding 50 (a phrase from my beloved father, God rest his soul on this, the anniversary of his going Home), I’m only measuring my words against how God might view them as a reflection of who He desires me to be.  I try to speak truth.  Gently, firmly, assertively. 

I’m in a rare place, and have an exceptional opportunity.  If we’re going to try to achieve equity and parity in public education, someone has to be concerned not just with the latest technology, but with whether or not Johnny and Jane can read.  Since I have a voice, and a seat at the table, I choose (time)

Five minutes is hard, but discipline is good.  Just like God (is good.)



  1. Great view of the word! Blessings to you today.

    1. Rachel,
      Welcome, and thanks.
      Peace and good to you.

  2. Blessed weekend. I'm visiting from Welcome to the weekend blog hop...

    1. Tim,
      Glad to have you stop by. Blessings to you as well.
      Peace and good.

  3. Oh, yes! What good is technology if the kids can't read?? Sometimes, though, the truth is hard to hear.

    1. Not only is the truth hard to hear, sometimes, it's hard to say. Thank God for His strength. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You're so right. I think when we find we can fully hand over our worries to God, we find that brave side of ourselves as well. We're never alone. We're always supported. Part of this comes with whether or not we're embracing that gift. Lovely post!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  5. I'm your newest following on the blog hop.


  6. I too am working on getting stronger at my confessing my weaknesses. It seems many think I am stronger than I am because they think I am. Thank you for being the voice that so many need.


  7. In the midst of my weaknesses, I always cast all my fears and worries unto him and I am refreshed.


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