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Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking back, looking forward…

Looking back, looking forward…

 “The righteous keep moving forward, and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.” Job 17:9 (NLT) 

There are two days left in this year.  I’m looking forward to our annual Kwanzaa party.  I sent Evites with the following sentiment…

Let the fruits of the harvest spark a new beginning. Let the principles of Kwanzaa guide and inspire us all towards greater understanding.  Let the joy of Umoja (unity) guide and inspire us all towards greater understanding.  Let the revelry begin!

You know how we do it.  Join us for the annual celebration of friendship, fun, and the hope and blessings of the New Year.

We can't wait to see you!

It has been our tradition to open our home on the first day of the year, choosing to spend it with friends and extended family, including a few folks who haven’t missed a party in nearly 20 years.  I guess we believe that the way you begin the year is the way it will be…a day filled with laughter, love, and enough.  There is a comfortable feeling; a peaceful spirit; I cannot wait. 

But before we can celebrate New “Year’s Day, there are a couple things left to do.  I’m cleaning, ridding the refrigerator of last year’s food, ridding my house and my life of last year’s clutter.  I’ve been more successful at decluttering than I anticipated; it’s a good thing and I intend to continue.  That’s my looking back.  Have I left the year well?  Did I do my best?  Did I give it all I had?  I think I did ok.  I will bid 2011 a fond farewell, as opposed to years I bum rushed out the door.  I can appreciate the growth, though much of it was painful, but I’m embracing what was and anticipating what will be.  And what will be is EXTRAORDINARY!

Moving forward, I’ve got black-eyed peas, rice, and kale to make, and a mess of chicken to fry for the Karamu luncheon.  There will, of course, be buljol and pepper for breakfast, five-spiced pecans as a snack, and a variety of sweet things for dessert, including pecan bars, pumpkin cheesecake (a gingersnap crust), peppermint sugar cookies, and brownies, if I can get my little miss to bake them. 

Moving forward, I have a promise I made to my mother to talk to my brother more regularly.  I thought we did an okay job of keeping in touch, but mom rarely speaks on things without a reason, so when she brought it up, I agreed…at least twice a month, not including emails and FB. 

Moving forward, I will keep my word-timely; I generally do what I say, but when I commit to something now, I try to move on it within 12 hours.  My niece asked for my Christmas breakfast recipe for shrimp and grits; it is today’s feast. 

Moving forward, I will insist on forward movement.  I will fear less; say less.  I’m going to listen more to the voice of the Universe, and not be so anxious.  I changed my ringtone, from a Charlie Brown Christmas, to Feeling Good, by Nina Simone. 

Moving forward, I’m not waiting to be happy.  I am BEING happy, now. And, I am going to exhale, and let go of it all.  ALL of it. The righteous keep moving forward, because they are led.  They don’t do the leading.  So, I’m getting out of my own way.  And knowing when I give up I’m not out there by myself makes me happy.  Mission accomplished, being happy.  And you know what happiness is, right? Happiness is today’s reminder that God is Good.

Today’s feast: Christmas Shrimp and Grits

Back Story~ for every year that we’ve been married, my husband and I (and now the Little Ws too), have enjoyed this low country-styled treat.  It just isn’t Christmas without my shrimp and grits. 

2 lbs U15 shrimp, cleaned and deveined, shells removed

¼ lb butter

3 T chives, minced, and some left whole for garnish

the juice of two limes

salt and pepper to taste

grits, cooked according to directions

Melt ½ the butter in a warm saucepan, and toss in shrimp, cooking until pink.  Remove shrimp to a separate dish.  Squeeze the juice of both limes into the pan, add remaining butter, and stir until the sauce is emulsified.  Remove from heat, and add chives.   

After grits are cooked, spread them in a shallow dish (about 1 inch thick) to cool and set up.  Using a biscuit cutter or wine glass, cut grits into disks. 

Place a disk at the center of each plate, arranging shrimp on and around the grits.  Spoon the sauce over all, and serve immediately.  

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