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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toxic Bromance

He Treats Me to a Feast; Notes from my Abundant Life

Toxic Bromance
Stop being deceived: Wicked friends lead to evil ends.
1 Corinthians 15:33(ISV)

More tales from my Gayle.  My godson’s bromance has gone toxic.  It’s really becoming a problem. Her frustration is around seeing her child not commanding the respect, appreciation, and sincere friendship he’s offering.  He just wants to be liked by the kid he wants to like him…so here’s the question….why do we chase after what is clearly Bad (b)Romance?

It can be a person, a habit, certain behaviors, anything.  We want what we think we want when in reality, it just isn’t good for us.  Nobody chooses toxic relationships on purpose, do they??

Well, in reality, we do.  What we want seems really good, at least at first.  The object of this bromance is attractive, popular, and apparently so insidious in his treachery (yeah, I don’t like him, so I don’t have to be objective, hrmph!) that everyone loves him.  You know what I’m talking about, whether it’s the shoes that are SO in fashion but that are too expensive AND make your feet hurt, the dessert that looks beautiful, but isn’t good for your heart OR your waistline yet looks so pretty, the friend who is always a blast to hang out with but slings barbs, so seemingly innocent, that hurt SO bad….we seek out, nay we RUN to pretty poison.  My godson is not alone…..

At the time of the scripture’s writing, Paul was giving the church at Corinth a reality check.  They meant well, but didn’t have much grounding, and even less training (sound familiar?) It’s not like much has trained.  How often to do know better without doing better? If so, then we certainly can’t blame anyone else when they don’t see us modeling the right things to do.

As I’ve told my Gayle, it’s about patience.  In fact, I told her it was like elevator music.  You swear you’re not listening, but you find yourself humming the melodies hours or days later.  As an adult, do you find yourself muttering the very same things which horrified you when they came out of your parents’ mouths??  We’ve got to learn to patiently pour into one another good instruction, patiently seasoned with love and prayer.  Like elevator music.

So what did the evil 6 year old do to my sweetheart this time?? He convinced him to drink chocolate milk, telling him it was good.  The child despises chocolate, by the way.  He drank it, seeking acceptance, and nearly threw it up all over everything.  As you might imagine, my Gayle was PISSED.  However, she calmly talked my boy through it, and though she doesn’t think she is, she’s playing elevator music.  Sometimes it takes a lot of elevator music to really get the tune into our heads.

Lord, I never thought I would, but thank You for elevator music.  Well, not exactly for elevator music, but for the still small voice that speaks to us to say….”naw, you shouldn’t, and you know you shouldn’t” whether we listen immediately or not.  You are clear in Your Word…”Stop being deceived,(my translation….QUIT BEING AN IDIOT) wicked friends lead to evil ends” but You are equally clear in Your Message of unending grace, abounding mercy, and unlimited forgiveness of sin. It’s such a relief to know we are so richly covered….having unending grace to match our unending troubles, even the mischief we make for ourselves.  And that, once again, is further evidence that God is Good.

PS, Lord, please don’t make me have to blog again about that ugly-acting little boy.  I’m trying to be good…..

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