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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Promise….

He Treats Me to a Feast; Notes from my Abundant Life

A Promise….
That is why the LORD says,
“Turn to me now, while there is time.  Give me your hearts.
Come with fasting, weeping, and mourning.
Who knows? Perhaps he will give you a reprieve,
sending you a blessing instead of this curse.
Perhaps you will be able to offer grain and wine
to the LORD your God as before.
The Lord says, “I will give you back what you lost
to the swarming locusts, the hopping locusts,
the stripping locusts, and the cutting locusts.
It was I who sent this great destroying army against you.
Once again you will have all the food you want,
and you will praise the LORD your God,
Never again will my people be disgraced.
“Then, after doing all those things,
I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy.
Your old men will dream dreams,
and your young men will see visions.
Joel 2:12, 14, 25-26,28 (NLT)

I’m getting stronger.  When sadness, despair, and anxiety threaten to overtake me, I’m not nearly as afraid as I used to be, though I still don’t like it.  When I hear about friends’ misfortunes, my response is “Thank God it’s no worse than it is….” I’m getting stronger.

Sometimes I wonder from whence my strength comes.  Then I return to The Word.  It doesn’t say in Joel 2 that all will be well.  In fact, it’s going to get pretty desperate.  The day of the Lord is coming, and the only way to survive it is to stay close, and to remember a promise.  I’m getting stronger. 

My strength is not my own.  It is rather the confidence I have developed in God’s Word that reminds me to “turn…while there is time.” I don’t need answers.  I don’t need solutions.  I can rely upon a promise.

My strength is nothing more than the good sense to shelter under His Wing.  That’s easy.  That I can do.  I believe in a Promise, because He never lied.  And when sadness, despair, and anxiety try to assault me, I am reminded that while they may draw near, I am covered by many such promises. And coverage is certainly further evidence that God is good.

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