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Sunday, August 14, 2011

And in rides the cavalry…

He Treats Me to a Feast; Notes from my Abundant Life

And in rides the cavalry…

Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders—he’ll carry your load.  He'll never let good people topple into ruin. 

Psalm 55:22

(The Message)

Lately I’ve been in need of rescue, where usually I am the one riding in to the rescue…Thankfully, God always has my ram in the bush.  Sometimes, you don’t even realize you need a rescue until it’s offered. 
Picture it…me diligently, prudently, thriftily planning to get my teenager down to her southern godparents for a brief end-of-summer getaway.  It’s a boon for her godmother, who gets extra help with the boys, it’s a boon for her--a maiden voyage in independence,  getting to go away without us, it’s a boon for me--a few quiet days for unaccompanied by any children during the day, a win-win-win.  Everybody’s happy, right?

We’ve had more than our share of automotive breakdowns this summer, so I’m looking at train fares because I’m not trusting my car on the road.  I’ve already exhausted my annual allotment of AAA tows, and it’s not even Fall.  I’m making lemonade, as I usually try to do, when in rides the cavalry…

Asking questions about how our girl is getting to the District for a few days, I mention to my BFF that I’m looking at train fares, when she laughs and says she really has an extra day she can take off for a road trip.  I wouldn’t have asked, but as my little sister says, (a la Uncle Robert), you know it’s a blessing when it’s so beyond any solution you could arrive at by yourself.  We’re road tripping to drop-off “the package” this Wednesday. 

Who would expect something like this? Who’d have the nerve to ask? All I can do is thank God for putting the right people into my life; people who have become my family; people for whom I would do whatever was necessary…

So, one of my daughter’s godmother’s is taking her for four days of a little tough love (poor girl doesn’t even know that part yet), and her other godmother’s bailing me out when I really need it, just because she’s wonderful.  I am blessed.  So richly blessed, in fact, that I don’t even mind that not only am I not riding in as part of the cavalry, the cavalry’s in to rescue me again, and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank God for the cavalry.  Thank You, God, that You send the cavalry, leading it in to my rescue and carrying my load away.  The entire load...all my burdens.  Even the ones I thought I could shoulder.  And that, yes, you guessed it, it today’s evidence that God is Good.

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